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"Why do you want this job?" answering the tricky question in an interview

In search of a job? there is a question you should be expecting and knowing the answer will do you a very huge benefit of increasing your success rate.

There are so many brain teasing questions asked during an interview but "why do you want this job?" is one you should take as an advantage in game in impressing the interviewer if you handle it the right way.

so how do you answer the question? in simpler term is that the interviewer is simply saying "Here’s your chance to sell me on why you’re the right person for this position.” and mostly all interviewers are trying to investigate what is your motive if you get this job or what is your true desire in applying for the job.


You should understand well that he might be using it to figure out if you are trying to run away from your current job or even maybe trying to get away from a bad situation in your work station. while others might just be trying to check if you are there just because of the high salary , the reputable name of the company or or is selfishly desirous of the prestige associated with having the company’s name on his résumé and LinkedIn profile.

The only key way to answer it is by sharing specific details of how your background, experience, talents, interests, education and other attributes that make you a great fit for the job and asset to the company.


you should also respond by by adding that you will be intellectually challenged and afforded the opportunity to grow your career while creating value to the organization.

I wish good luck on the such for a better job and the growth of your career.

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