How to learn to write good fiction by reading.

Every fiction writer aspires to be on the same level as the greats, to spin out great pieces like Martin, King, Tolkien, and Rowling. But, the problem is there is no real set of rules or steps to follow to write a good piece of fiction. How then can we learn from other authors and model our success after theirs? The secret to doing this is looking beyond the story and dissecting what it is that triggers the emotions that come with reading great fiction. Think about the last time a good story grabbed you; what was it that caught your attention and made you fall in love with that story? What words we're used and what undertone did the story have that brought forth such strong emotions? By dissecting a story and implementing the tactics used to inspire a strong emotional response, a writer can essentially mimic a stories success and style without plagiarizing the actual story. Think for instance, of the Game of Thrones novels. How is it that Martin makes the readers feel so upset by the death of characters, even when the character may not be that important to the overall story? in my opinion, the way he does this is by creating the illusion that the character is important to the story. He also makes the character important to other characters that are very important to the storyline. Is this a strategy we could implement in our writing to inspire a response and keep a reader on the edge of their seat? Absolutely! And the best part is we can use this strategy while sticking to our own unique story and style. That is just one example of how an author could learn to write good fiction simply by reading it. This strategy works with and style of writing in all genres. The important thing is to find exactly what it is that triggers the emotional response you wish to trigger and then to implement it in your own writing. Of all the methods that can help you improve your writing, this one is absolutely one the most important and most effective. There is no limit to the potential this method offers and therefore it's usefulness can not be measured.
Finding and then implementing the strategies other authors use to create strong emotional responses to their stories is one of the best ways to improve your fiction writing at first. But after time the ultimate goal is to create your own style and find your own way to please your readers. The best way to develop your own style is simply to write. Write as much as possible as often as possible, because as with most things, practice makes perfect. The most important thing is to never give up, not every idea will work out and not every story will win an award, but with lots of practice, your writing will improve.

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