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mycology on the mind

Mushrooms on the brain.

Growing mushrooms brings the human mind into a hidden world that is all around us and is foundational to all ecosystems around us. My exploration of the mycological world began through the of a love of orchids. During High School I collected over 70 species of orchids. Learning about their life cycle, it was explained to me that fungi play an irreplaceable role in their life in the wild.ZAK_2589.jpg This one fact drove me to learn about cultivating mushrooms and learning about their life cycle and role in the environment.ZAK_2563.JPG Today culinary and medicinal mushrooms are growing in my home and garden. Gaterring new species as I encounter them in the wild and through other mycologists i am building my culture library. Recently I have begun to share my excitement and skills with others through formal and informal classes in my area.20190714_151839.jpg

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