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Hello everyone how are you feeling And doing 😊.I hope you all are fit and doing well.This is my 3rd post in an amazing platform.Today I will give second lecture of my course that is about Fuzzy logic.


Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLS) produces an acceptable but explicit product for incomplete, incomprehensible, distorted, or inappropriate responses

What is Fuzzy Logic system

Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLS) produces a product that is acceptable but explicit in response to incomplete, incomprehensible, distorted, or inaccurate (fuzzy) inputs.

What is Fuzzy Logic?

Fuzzy Logic (FL) is a way of thinking similar to human thinking. The Fuzzy logic approach take of a human dec1zision-making process that behave among all the intermediate possibilities between digital values YES and NO.


A very unique logic block that a computer can understand takes inputs and produces a clear result such as TRUE or FALSE, equivalent to human YES or NO.

The creator of the mysterious concept, Lotfi Zadeh, has realized that unlike computers, human decision-making involves many opportunities between Yes and NO, such as -
The abstract concept works at the levels of input possibilities to achieve a clear result.



It can be put as systems of various sizes and capabilities ranging from small controls to large work-based control systems and support.

It can be applied to your hardware, software, or a combination of both.

Why Logic Fuzzy?

Fuzzy insight helps with commercial and practical purposes.

It can control consumer equipment and products.
It may not provide accurate thinking, but acceptable thinking.
Fuzzy insight helps to deal with engineering uncertainty.
An example of a vague Text System
Let us suppose as an air conditioning system with 5-level logic systems. This system adjusts the temperature of the air conditioner by comparing the room temperature with the target temperature.

How Fuzzy Logic Algorithm work for Ac System

  • Explain the differences in language and words (start)
  • They have created membership functions. (start)
  • Build a legal knowledge base (start)
  • Convert fun data into incomprehensible data sets using membership functions. (fuzzification)
  • Measure the rules on the basis of the rule. (Reference Engine)
  • Combine results from each rule. (Reference Engine)
  • Convert output data to unreasonable values. (defuzzification)


Step_1:Define variables and language

Linguistic diversity consists of flexible input and output in the form of simple words or sentences. Room temperature, cold, warmth, heat, etc., are linguistic terms.

Temperature (temp) = {very cold, cold, warm, very warm, hot}

Every member of this set is a language name and may include a fraction of the total temperature values.



Step_2:Create membership activities for them

Membership activities for temperature variations as indicated _MF for AC System

Step_3:Create knowledge base rules

Create a table for room temperature values compared to the target temperature values expected of an air cooling system.

Step_4: Find the undefined value

Unusual setup performs testing of rules. The functions used for OR and AND are Max and Min respectively. Combine all test results to create a final result. This result is a complex number.

Step_5:Perform defuzzification

Defuzzification is then done according to the membership function with the output variant.
The key areas for the opposite concept application are given -


  • Car systems
  • Automatic gearboxes
  • Four-Wheel Movement
  • Environmental control of the vehicle
  • Consumer Goods
  • Wi-Fi applications
  • Photocopiers
  • Existing Cameras & Videos
  • Television
  • Home Goods
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Toasters
  • Machine Cleaning Machine
  • Washing Equipment
  • Environmental Management
  • Air Conditioners / Dryers / Heater
  • Humidifiers


Mathematical concepts within abstract thinking are very simple.You can modify the FLS by simply adding or removing the rules due to the variability of the opposite concept.Fuzzy Systems logic can capture incomprehensible, distorted, noisy input details.
FLSs are easy to build and understand.
Misunderstanding is the solution to complex problems in all areas of life, including medicine, because it is similar to human thinking and decision-making.
I would like to special thanks to Sir @cryptokraze @siz-official and Your team for providing us such an amazing platform where we show our skills and our abilities .

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