[Gods Unchained] Top 5 Most Popular Genesis Cards In The Meta

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Hey guys, today let's take a look at some Genesis cards that everybody likes (or hates) to use while climbing up on the ladder. The primary thing we are looking at is the actual number of times the card has been used in the deck, although win-rate might have something to do with it, it's not always the case. Sometimes it just comes down to preference or availability of certain cards. The period we will be looking at is from the last 30 days. I was going to make a top 10 list initially but after seeing that the difference in 5th card on the list and the 6th one was around 50% in the number of matches the card was used, I'll mention the runner-ups later.

5. Rolling Watcher


So 5th on the list with over 28,000 uses is this little rolling fella. I was kinda surprised but I guess it makes sense because this 2-drop can make the list just because it has decent stats and fills up the curve in any deck. On top of that his continual effect can be really threatening if left unchecked. This has been further taken advantage of when deck like Atlantean Deception came around and more people had access to cards like Phase Touched Golem to give it Ward perpetually and Boost Walker for buffs and twin strike. Currently in the meta, we have an Enrage War version of the same strategy so Rolling Watcher will most likely stay popular until we see some shifts in the meta. Win-rate for this card is only 49.69% which is odd for a card so popular, the reason might be that because it feels natural to put a strong 2-drop in almost any deck that you are tinkering with just to fill the curve so these "test" samples lower the overall win-rate a bit.

4. Jason, Medea's Muse


Next up we have Jason, a card that can make almost any deck just a little bit better. 3 mana 3/3 doesn't present almost any sacrifice on the stats attached to such strong effect. Even though his event doesn't immediately impact the game he does a few things to improve your chances. Delved legendaries will on average be sizable creatures which will bring a lot of value and since they are shuffled into your deck you get more time before reaching fatigue so winning a longer game will go in your favor more often. Just as a little bonus he has an Olympian tribe tag. Being currently the most expensive Genesis legendary, if you'd like to get your hands on one of these right now it would cost you 0.57 ETH (or $92) so it is not a big of a surprise to see this guy being so popular. If owning such a card was more accessible to an average player it would most certainly be on the 1st place on this list. Jason was present in 36,500 matches with a 53% win-rate this month.

3. Demogorgon


The most hated demon on the block gets the 3rd spot. I talked about this card too many times already in my previous posts. This card is busted! At least that's what many players think and I agree. If you would ask someone how to be aggro, the most common answer would be: "Just stay alive until 7 mana and play Demogorgon". That's pretty much it, this card has some many things stacked on it, Leech, removal, showstopping AoE sleep. What were they thinking?! This demonic creature is more expensive than 95% legendaries out there and obviously for a reason. Demogorgon was in more than 43,000 with a decent win-rate of 53.76%.

2. Trojan Golem


Second 2-drop on the second play. Trojan Golem is a really strong card, obviously like every card on this list but what makes it so popular is the incredible ability to annoy your opponent. Being a Frontline creature that has an Afterlife that brings another Frontline makes it good at disrupting your opponent's plans. Olympian tag makes it even better since in one card you get 2 Olympians and as it goes with that tag, the more of them you have in the void the better. I can't point out more specific reasons this card is so popular expect that it is a solid card with no big downsides. This card was a part of the deck in almost 47,000 matches with a win-rate of 51.90%

1. Pyramid Warden


The very first time I faced Pyramid Warden in Gods Unchained, immediately I asked myself "What the hell is this?! Okay, they gonna nerf this one for sure". And so the Genesis balancing was over but they didn't make any changes. So because of that, we have it on the 1st spot on our list today and most likely for a long time in the future. There is just no better early game card. There is potentially a huge downside in his Afterlife effect but in practice, we see that more often than not it isn't that big of a deal. Especially when played on turn 1, 2 or 3 right after your opponent played some small stuff like 1/1s or 2/2s. The big Frontline body is incredible at stopping face damage, protecting important creatures and receiving buffs. It is silly and can be frustrating to lose when your opponent play a small creature and kills it with Out of Its Misery just to play a 5/9 Frontline on turn 2. For this card, we can go on and on in how many scenarios it can be too powerful while it is most only bad when drawn in the late game, which is kinda what 2-drops should be like anyway. Pyramid Warden has a huge lead in the 1st place of the Genesis set with inclusions in 58,700 games with a win-rate of 52.28%.



6th place, Odysseus, Tried Victor - a card that had seen play over multiple Gods and could potentially climb into the top 5 in near future but it has a lot of catching up to do.
Currently been in 19.500 matches with an amazing win-rate of 55.10%.

7th place, Ashen Drake, 17,800 matches with 54.56% win-ratio.

8th place, Agrodor Protector, first God specific card, 17,700 matches with 52.89% win-ratio.

9th place, Bonded Warrior, 17,000 matches with 52.47% win-ratio.

10th place, Spiral Golem, 16,300 matches with 52.99% win-ratio.


That's it for today's top 5 most popular cards. Bonus fact: Skeleton Heavy is still the long-lasting top card across all sets in the number of appearances in more than 75,000 matches with a decent 52.16% win-rate. I guess 2-drops are really strong currently, also with the format of weekend events prizes that reward the quantity of games more than quality we see a lot of fast decks that tend to have more early game creatures.

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