[Gods Unchained] Season 1 Card REVEALED, New Trinket, and New Game Mechanic! Enrage UPDATED

Hey guys! This will be a short one but I just wanted to share the news. On the last Gods Unchained official stream, we had been updated on a couple of things that we might expect in the upcoming weeks. First, we got some changes to the Enrage god power that saw a really big spike in popularity after receiving the most recent buff. Also, we are getting a new trinket "Borb". We've seen some faces from the GU team and this time we had a "face reveal" of our beloved community moderator Meals. As a little surprise at the end, they revealed a card from the Season 1 expansion that we now have a confirmed name for, Trial of The Gods. There were also some hints of Limited modes coming which is great news for those that like to play with a dynamic card pool. All of this information is taken from the hour-long stream, for those interested in watching it here is a VOD. Unfortunately, there is no news about Flux and Fusing and no dates were given for any of the upcoming stuff mentioned except for the Enrage.


Enrage Changes Are Coming

This change will be brought into the game in the next 24 hours, they didn't give us any information about the change at all. It seems that they are rushing a bit with this one because it seems that even though Enrage is pretty good it doesn't look like it will be a problem in the future. Currently, it is a very popular strategy but it has some clear counters so it doesn't scream broken or unbalanced. Once the update hits the client I'll update this section of the post.

EDIT: Enrage got changed:
Enrage changed from "Give a creature +2/+2 and burn +1. If it is an enemy creature, give it an additional burn +3". to "Give a creature +2/1 and burn +1. If it is an enemy creature, give it an additional burn +2".

Getting 1 less health is a huge deal here. It reduces the staying power of early creatures and their trading potential to fight for the board control. This nerf isn't going to kill Enrage but we will definitely see a lot of lost interest because decks that counter it will get so much better.

Community Trinket "Borb"


This little guy will be a reward for the community. We don't have much information about this little cute fella but we know that in return for some kind of community effort we will be getting this most probably limited edition trinket.

A New Card Revealed!

Student of Truth.png

Petrify, a GU game designer that is usually hosting the streams told us that this isn't the final version of the card. Most likely there will be changes when the expansion hit the balancing stage, also it might be getting a tribe tag, likely Mystic. Okay, so we see that this card gives us 1 favor every time we draw a card. But what is the Favor mechanic? Well, unfortunately, this will remain a mystery for now and we can only speculate how it might work. Petrify told us that it won't work like mana which means that we won't be using it to play any type of cards and that it will definitely raise the skill cap of the game.


This is it, it was a pretty quick one, just to update you on the upcoming stuff related to Gods Unchained. What do you guys think this new Favor mechanic might look like? Please share it in the comments below.

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Thank you for reading!


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