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[Gods Unchained] Custom Cards #1: WILD EDITION!

Hello guys, I want to start a series with custom Gods Unchained cards. All cards were made with the help of this pretty simple and easy to use card generator.

First edition as you might have guessed from the title will be with creatures with Wild tag and some cards that synergize with them. It's hard to imagine what the GU team will do with this currently unused tag in the game.

This isn't supposed to be a set of cards that work together but individual cards that show what direction Wild tag could take in Gods Unchained future expansions. Naturally, most cards will be in Nature since Wild is most heavily represented there and it makes sense, so why not? Okay, here is my take on it.


Furious Rumu

Furious Rumu.png

Source Image

For starters, this is a pretty simple Wild creature with most common abilities bein Confused and Overkill. I feel like Wild tag will need more options in the 3 mana slot as currently we only have Revenant Lynx and Mire Bloodworm in neutrals. While pretty weak on its own, Furious Rumu can bring a lot of value with any strength buffs, especially versus wide boards but to keep it in line it has low health so that the Confused attribute makes it more like a high risk, high reward kind of card. Maybe not the card that would fit in a lot of Nature decks but it could help out in the aggressive archetype.

Serpent Pack

Serpent Pack.png

Source Image

I came up with this one because I feel like Nature should have some Deadly creatures. Nature can be pretty deadly sometimes, you know? 5 mana slot seems like an okay spot for a Deadly creature, just like Cursed Caipora it has some stickiness to it, not with Protected but with another "layer" with the Afterlife effect that summons the same creature but without Afterlife. This would be more resilient to ping from things like Magic God Power Blastwave or Athenian Archer for example.

Accompanied Hunter

Accompanied Hunter.png

Source Image

First of all, I just wanna say that something like this definitely shouldn't co-exist with Serpent Pack. If we exclude that it still is a solid one. 4 mana 2/4 is a pretty weak body but the aura effect compensates it more than enough. The purpose of this card isn't so much aggression as much but more for taking better trades and control the board. Clearly playing this is a tempo sacrifice but if it can stick for a turn or two, easier value trades will bring back the lost tempo. Don't know if 4 mana is too early for this type of effect but then again you won't be having too much mana to use more cards with it, Amazon tag is probably unnecessary but it seemed fitting.

Injured Werewolf

Injured Werewolf.png

Source Image

One totally original idea not at all inspired by Injured Blademaster in HS. But damn it, there should be some Savage beast even after taking some blows ready for even more carnage. This type of effect should exist in some form in War cards as we already have some synergy with damaged creatures and/or taking damage. Blood Rage and Respected Jarl come to mind and even completely unplayed Signal Scouts that could use some help like this to ever see the light of the day.

The Black Fox

The Black Fox.png

Source Image

Foresee is a nice mechanic and requires a lot of skill to make good use of it. When it comes to Foresing your opponent's deck, we only have Deception God Power Thievery and it's usable only once, usually on turn 1 when it is going to have the biggest impact most of the time. I would like to see some more of this like on The Black Fox but maybe this mechanic wouldn't be so pleasant to play against, then again, was Deception ever pleasant to play against? I had another idea with this one, making it a 2/2 and if you choose to put the Foreseen card to the bottom it gets +1 strength if not it gets +1 health so that way your opponent also gets some indication what happened. I don't, I like the idea but is it healthy for the game though?

Muchroom Pixie

Mushroom Pixie.png

Source Image

Okay enough digression, let's get back to Nature. A lot of Wild creatures in Nature also have this problem that they are Confused a bit too much, so the best way to support them would be to kinda remove that drawback. We already have a similar 1-drop that does the same for one creature so this card wouldn't be too powerful. The upside is that it can remove Confused from more creatures but it's a bit costly so I guess it isn't too much even with the bonus of removing Burn which could be used to counter cards like Sleep Dart.

Wolfgrimm, The Spiritbound

Wolfgrimm, The Spirit Leader.png

Source Image

The card generator is great and all, but it has this problem of having a limit on naming cards so this one got a bit shortened in the process. Anyway, I imagined Wolfgrimm as some kind of Midrange finisher that requires some amount of Wilds in the deck to work, just to limit his power a bit. 7 mana 12/10 is no joke, also making some Wild creatures like Marsh Walker and Black Jaguar can be really strong, 6/5 with a regen is not bad at all. Another interesting target might be Carcass Vulture that keeps growing.

Predatory Instincts

Predatory Instincts.png

Source Image

More aggressively geared card. It can have multiple uses but isn't too strong in any case; more flexibility and less power. Best suited for aggro decks, with the wide board, of course, can help in trading or removing Backline creatures and most importantly, ignore Frontline and go face. Not sure if it's worth 3 mana though but it's close for sure.

Runed Impala

Runed Impala.png

Source Image

The Wild tag doesn't sound like it will be a Magic thing, but who knows? Coincidentally, Ocular Fiend is a Wild creature and this card could bring a bit of support in a different direction. The question is are you willing to build a slightly weirder deck to be able to activate this effect, 'cause Delving a rune can be really strong since there are only 4 different runes, the chance to get the one you need it huge.

Deep Sea Warrior

Deep Sea Warrior.png

Source Image

A pretty specific tutor card, we need more of those! 3/5 body is a decent 4 mana body with a roar that draws a creature, pretty strong I'd say. Having this in a fully packed Wild deck with a lot of small Wild creatures might not be that impressive all the time. On the other hand with just specific cards you could call this cheating. Don't forget that Ocular Fiend base stats are 3/3 so this could be used in those archetypes for more consistency or just to get some juice in Wild packed decks.


Once again a link to the card generator for custom Gods Unchained cards.

Other useful tools for Gods Unchained statistics, meta, deckbuilding, leaderboards, etc. :


Thank you for reading!


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