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againts the gods

Chapter 1 - Yun Che, Xiao Che

Yun Che's consciousness gradually awakened.

What was going on... Am I not dead? I have obviously fallen from the Cloudless Cliff, how can I still be alive! Furthermore, he didn't feel any pain on his body... He didn't even feel uncomfortable? What was going on?
Yun Che suddenly opened his eyes and quickly sat up. He found himself on a soft bed, with a red banner hanging above him, rendering a festive atmosphere.
"Ah!" Little Che! You. You're awake! "
A surprised young girl's voice came from his ears. Following which, a girl's quiet figure appeared in his line of sight.
This was a young girl around fifteen to sixteen years old. She wore a long, emerald green dress with a delicate face, rosy, alluring lips, and a delicate, delicate, jade-like nose. Her entire face was gentle, gentle, and radiant. Being able to possess such elegance at such a young age, one could imagine how gorgeous she would be when she grew up.
Looking at the girl who was just inches away from him, Yun Che was stunned for a moment.
The girl raised her snow-white wrist, and her jade-like little hand pressed onto Yun Che's forehead. Her expression became even more relaxed as she joyfully said: "Your temperature has almost returned to normal. It's great, I was almost scared to death just now. Little Che, is there anything wrong with you right now? "
In the face of the girl's eyes that filled with deep concern, Yun Che woodenly shook his head. His spirit was in a completely free state.

"Rest for a while. I'll go tell your grandfather right away." Today is the day that you are overjoyed. You suddenly fainted and your grandfather almost went crazy with anxiety. Just now, he personally went out to invite Grandmaster Situ. "
The girl was in such a hurry that she didn't notice the abnormality of Yun Che's expression. She pressed on Yun Che's shoulder to have him lie back down on the bed, then left in a hurry.
After the door was closed, Yun Che sat up on the bed and hugged his head.

This was one of the small cities in the most eastern direction of Blue Wind Empire, one of the seven nations of Profound Sky Continent — Cloud Flowing City, and he, was the only grandson of Cloud Flowing City's Fifth Elder — Xiao Che! He had just turned sixteen this year.

This was his current identity.
His memories from twenty odd years in the Cang Yun Continental suddenly overlapped, and he came to a sudden realization.

I am Xiao Che … Then what about Cang Yun Continental's memories?
Could he have transmigrated onto this body after the death of the Cang Yun Continental?
That's not right! He was clearly Xiao Che! He was very familiar with everything in this room. From when he was young until now, his memories were very clear. Everything was his own personal experience, so he definitely wouldn't steal the memories of others!
Could it be that everything in Cang Yun Continental was just a dream? After he had fallen into the Cloudless Cliff, did he suddenly wake up from his dream?

But the memories of the Cang Yun Continental were equally clear … How could those 24 years of love and hatred be a dream!
What was going on?
Yun Che... ~ It should be Xiao Che now, he suddenly realized, his eyes slowly calmed down, his thoughts also slowly cleared up.

It was still early in the morning and the sky outside was still not very bright. Today was the day of his and Xia Qingyue's wedding. Half an hour ago, he had been woken up by Little Aunt's call, put on a set of bright red wedding clothes, and then, he drank a bowl of porridge which Little Aunt had personally made. And then nothing.

Only now did he wake up.
At this moment, a peculiar smell came from the side of his lips. Xiao Che's lips slightly pursed, and his expression immediately changed slightly.
This was … Murdering Heart Powder!
It could be said that there was no poison in the world that did not know about. No matter what kind of poison it was, with just a light sniff, he could instantly discern the name and composition of the poison. At the same time, because the Sky Poison Pearl, he was immune to all kinds of poisons. No matter how strong the poison was, it still wouldn't be able to harm him.

The Murdering Heart Powder was made from Absolute Soul Grass and Purple Tattooed Begonia. After dissolving into the water, it would have no color or smell and after entering into the body, it could take a person's life within ten seconds. It would directly cause one to die and there wouldn't even be any traces of poisoning on the body.

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