Repost: They Call Me a White Supremacist (Narrated poem and video)

Here's the video on Bitchute:

They call me a white supremacist, say I’m full of hate,
That my education does not matter, for my group it’s too late,
They call me a racist whilst they openly declare,
That they wish my race was destroyed and afflicted, beyond all repair,­­
They tell me every day that I cannot have any pride,
That only evil fills my heart naturally from the inside,
They say I have to praise all others but to never praise my own,
That I have no roots, or honour, and these lands are not my home,
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I wish I could just embed these videos here. But you can find them all on Bitchute > And here's the author's blog where you can find the text of all her marvelous poems:

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