Why work?

I want to work because of these...
As the saying goes strike while the iron is hot.

As early as 18 years of age I started applying for various of jobs in my city. I don't know why, but there's something in me that wants to be fully independent, that feeling when I receive the fruit of my labor is indescribable. I started as a tutor in a tutoring center which is my first part-time job along with it I am studying in a University that really bombarded me with too much paper works too and demonstration, but it did not hinder me from trying various of jobs. I was a part time storytelling instructor to those students in schools who wanted to join and win a storytelling competition.

I was just receiving atleast 1,500 pesos for the tutoring session, and 300 pesos for each students that would like me to be their instructor for the storytelling. For a month I would earn atleast 2,400. I used the money for my allowance and my mom and dad don't know about me working. It's not that we are in need of money. I mean they can buy me anything I want with a snap but I choose not to be fully spoiled by them.

5 months had passed. This time my dad saw me entering the tutoring center that I was working. He was very furious because he wanted me to be dead set with my studies and I explained to him what I wanted to have and achieve.

2 years had passed and I applied for a bigger part-time job. This is the online tutoring class. I asked permission to my parents if I could apply for it and they keep on telling me that I am still very young to be workaholic face palm. I did my best to get the job and luckily I was hired and up until now I am still an online English teacher.

I joggled both works and studies together and I don't know how I handled it without me breaking down. On weekdays, every morning my class in school would start at 7 am and ends around 6 pm. In the evening when I came home from school at 7 pm to 10:30 pm I would work for my online class. For 10:35 to 12 in the midnight I would stay late making school requirements. I did this routine for a year.

Last February I ended up stepping on the stage wearing my best OOTD which is my Baccalaureate gown. I survived college and still working. After I received my TOR I immediately applies for a full time work and still lucky to be hired. This time that I will turn 22 years old, I still joggle two works and I must say that I do really have a good sense of time management.

I want to work because of these
I am preparing for my parents Silver wedding
I am preparing for my mom's birthday and she will turn 50 years old next year
I am preparing for my brothers' allowances
I am preparing for my WORLD TOUR

Yes you read it right, I am planning and not only planning but I will make it. I will travel the seven continents in the world. But first I will secure my family's future. Yes I know it's not my duty to support my brothers' but hey, why not work even if your parents can afford everything that I want?

This is to tell you that age is not a reason for you not to be independent. It really depends to the person if you wanted to achieve something in life. 'Coz WE ONLY LIVE ONCE

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