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You need space right? The keplerSwap SPACE is here! 🚀🌌

As humans , we all crave for SPACE at some point; this could be as a result of many factors. Now , KeplerSwap has developed a SPACE ,not just any space, but a SPACE where you can derive immense benefits from.

With KeplerSwap, investors are able to invite more people to participate in community advocacy so as to provide more support for development collectively. SPACE is a term used in the KeplerSwap environment to improve vertical relationship between users, expand user rights and realize autonomous organization. Through SPACE, all members are dedicated to promoting decentralized autonomy.

SPACE Features
SPACE has the following features:

SPACE Creation- If a user contributes to liquidity market making and has referred other users to contribute in liquidity market making while meeting certain requirements, the user is eligible to submit a SPACE creation application. Once the application is approved, the user is entitled to be the SPACE Owner.

SPACE Voting- Each token holder is granted a right to vote in a SPACE election. Every user has to enter a SPACE and cannot be changed after entering.

SPACE Interests- SPACE Owner is granted all rewards related to liquidity market making from their SPACE members. If the SPACE Owner wins in the SPACE Voting, the owner may gain an extra reward from contribution pool.

Vote Counting- Voting period consists of 7 days, with the first 5 days being the voting period, and the last 2 days being the counting period.

Vote Withdrawal- no token can be withdrawn from the pool after voting

The number of votes for a user is proportional to the user's assets, which is equivalent to the balance of the token plus the number of collateral tokens locked in liquidity participation. A snapshot of the user's current balance and the number of positions blocked will be taken at the beginning of each voting period. Also, users vote using snapshot method. This method ensures that users can vote without affecting the regulation of market-making lock function.

Now, the top 20 SPACE owners who secured the highest number of votes can proportionally share the rewards fairly. If the number of votes is the same, it will be compared according to the user's locked up collateral value, and if the value is also the same, it will be compared in chronological order of the user's account statement. The reward gained by the user can be redeemed at any time. This will ensure that the more active the users are in the SPACE; more rewards are given.

Active SPACE users have more decision-making power. They can provide better on construction and market development direction. Consequently, users across the ecosystem will also reap greater benefits. The rules are implemented by smart contracts which makes the process open and transparent.
SPACE is imperative for the KeplerSwap ecological development and is also a means to achieve decentralised autonomy.
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