Fish Sales At Wholesale Fish Market in Lhokseumawe

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As usual, some of my posts lately are about my daily activities. Because I am a fish trader in the city of Lhokseumawe, then I want to discuss in as much detail as possible the situation at my place.

Yesterday I shared a post about how to manage the wet fish that we bought from the ship owner until the fish will be sold in the morning.

Now I want to share the atmosphere in the morning at the fish market when I was selling fish.

Incidentally this morning, I got a shipment of goods, namely milkfish sent by a friend of mine from Lhoj Nibong. He harvested this milkfish in his parents' pond.



The milkfish he sent was 3-4 kilos in size, some even had 6 kilos. Based on the market price of the babdeng fish, I sold them up front from 20, 19, 18 and 17 thousand rupiah. While the smallest size I sell starting from 15, 13 to 10 thousand rupiah.

Actually this fish has made me dizzy in selling it because when my friend called, he said the size of the fish was big but when the fish arrived it turned out to be smaller.

Therefore, the fish cannot be maintained at the price we want. However, even so the fish were sold out and there was nothing left. A total of 317.5 kilo grams of fish were sold out in just one hour. Total sales reached Rp. 5, 26 million rupiah.


Previously, the fish had been held back from selling, because the bid price of the fish did not match what we wanted, but after drawing conclusions carefully, the fish were sold out.


Traders buy fish by taking them in fish barrels, there are also traders waiting for the fish queue to be placed by workers.

They adjust the size of the fish they want because the size of the fish will affect when it is sold again later.


The atmosphere in the market, female traders are also seen there, with neat clothes, they also buy fish and will be resold in their respective areas.



Usually the traders buy enough fish according to their respective trading capacity. By bringing their respective baskets, these small traders buy fish of several types. Starting from tuna, selayang fish, squid, vaname shrimp, tilapia fish, and also milkfish.


Milkfish is one type of fish that dominates fish markets throughout Aceh, because milkfish has made the fish market free from times of loss or scarcity of tuna when fishing boats are not at sea.

Milkfish is one type of fish that is kept by fish farmers in Aceh. Almost all fish farmers in Aceh in general, have been cultivating milkfish.



In addition to its beautiful and unique white color, milkfish also tastes very delicious and familiar. Baandeng fish is one type of fish that must be consumed by humans, because milkfish have scales that keep the meat clean for meat cleanliness. In addition, milkfish also under its scales have collagen which is very good for humans.




If in Europe salmon is very much consumed, in our place, milkfish is also very much consumed. Maybe, in terms of taste quality and benefits, milkfish is not inferior to salmon, but in terms of price it is very much different. Salomon fish are more expensive than babdeng fish.

Maybe this is just a short post that I can share, hopefully it will be useful for all of my friends.

All pictures taken with Samsung SM-A125F smartphone

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