TODAY I DID 235 STEEM POWER UP | 20-05-2021

Hi @steemwomensclub and beautiful ladies members of the SteemWomen Club community. How are you today? I hope everyone is in good health so that they can carry out extraordinary activities in achieving success.

It's been a few days that I haven't been actively posting because of Eid and there have also been several other activities. Today I am active again and I read the @steemwomenclub article entitled Steem-women-club-contest-17-power-up-continues-or-big-awards

Even though this contest is over (Deadline for the contest is 18 May) but these posts have made me realize that I must continue to increase the strength of my account in order to achieve goals. Therefore, today I immediately did a power up of 235 steem.

As for the steps I took, as follows:

  • This is a screen recording of my Steem Wallet before Power Up

  • First of all I changed SBD to Steem in the Market section and I did this step 2 times

  • Then I POWER UP so that my SP from 31 to 267 SP.


  • And this is my account wallet history

Hopefully in the future the strength of my account will continue to increase so that I can achieve success with this community.

Yours sincerely :


@svm038 ADMIN Founder of SteemWomen Club

@saracampero MOD Venezuela Representative


@steemwomensclub MOD Official

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Thank you so much in the Steem women club community for participating in the contest. It is pleasing to increase your power by doing Power Up. Good luck :)

20.05.2021 04:30

Thank you for your guidance and support. Best wishes to the SteemWomen Club community

20.05.2021 08:23