I do not know if you have ever had to plan any activity or celebration, if so, you will agree with me that it is a lot of work and every time new details and tasks appear that make the task never be fulfilled. Planning a wedding has a lot of this, there are so many steps and requirements that it is impossible to organize it quickly without forgetting any of them. But what will it be like to plan death?


There was someone who planned his death from birth. It is paradoxical to think that there is someone who was born whose main objective was to die. That throughout his life he knew that the most transcendent moment of his life would be his death, therefore, since he was born he prepared each of the details that would be useful and necessary to specify his death, so that those around him did not have to worry about the details but enjoy his death. Even weirder right? Sounds to me like a very obsessive trait, but Jesus does not have a psychopathological picture known as "obsessive compulsive disorder" (OCD), no, Jesus enjoyed very good mental health. What Jesus did was plan his death so he could plan your life.

During the 33 years that Jesus lived on earth, all he did were preparations and more preparations. He prepared the disciples so that they could continue His work, prepared the people to deliver him to death, prepared promises for you and I to enjoy now. Jesus prepared everything knowing that these preparations would be a sign to this day.

On the same day as the last supper, the gospels tell that a woman poured perfume on the teacher's hair causing the wrath of the disciples and those who watched the scene; however, Jesus himself pointed out that the woman was preparing him for the time of his death. Everything in Jesus' life was preparations.

In our life we ​​also find these elements. Perhaps not so clearly in our sight, but in God's eyes, everything that happens to us is a preparation for what will come. This is what Steven Jobs, the creator of the Mac brand, points out in a well-known speech: connect the dots backwards. There is a moment in our life where the event we prepared so much occurs, but if we do not prepare it, it will not exist. I cannot attend a birthday that does not exist or a wedding that will not be held. The “event” must exist, but for it to exist I must plan it, I must prepare it and I must devote time and attention to it.

Perhaps in your life there are a series of "events" that still do not materialize, but I ask you the following question: are you preparing for them? If you are doing it, sooner than you think it will happen, if you are not doing it, it is time to do it! It is necessary to walk in faith and start making those preparations that will materialize in a project, in a dream fulfilled and shared, as are the celebrations.

Prepare in faith for your "event." Start with the preparations. The time is coming.

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We must be sensible like the ten virgins and be prepared for what God has in store for us.

06.08.2019 13:08