Rangnar Or goktug? Which one looks beautiful in aspects of their personalities?

Well. Ragnar ft traves fimmel is an australian actor and has played many characters in many shows and moviesand famous for Ragnar in word famous series VIKINGS.
His look is so scary that you will be frightend to look at him because he was too dangrous in the era of vikings.


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while Goktug ft Burak Çelik is a famous turkish actor and famous for best actor in kurlus osman real islamic history.

goktug 3.jpg

goktug 4.jpg

goktug actor.jpg


we are going to compare them that who is the best looking personality not by acting by looks. In my opinion both goktug and ragnar are best looking personalities but goktug looks more beautiful than rangnar is thier unifroms, please you also give me a good decision that who is looking best.

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