25,000 Pakistani Rupees - Distributed to the poor from Steenit Reward today. Happy Eid with Steemit.


Life is about sharing happiness. The month of Ramadan is coming to an end. And this month is the month of holy joys and good deeds. And at the end of this holy month, we celebrate Eid, which is also a day of joy and gratitude to God. On this day, every Muslim buys new clothes and shoes for children. So this month I have donated some of my steemit reward to the poor so that those who can't afford to buy anything can buy their children and household items on Eid. I request all my friends to help your poor people in your neighborhood and in the street and try to give them some help on Eid so that their Eid goes well. The purpose of my post is to create this passion in all of you. Is. And I thank Steemit for enabling me to donate today.



dear friends, soon we are going to start steemit challenge charity plan to help the area of my area, and after eid , this plan will be active, thank you very much all steemit team to support us always to keep charity alive, i am thankful to Almight Allah who blessed us good health and knowledge . so it is our duty to help those who are not able to earn , again thank to all

Thank you very much for supporting me always

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How are you dear friend @yousafharoonkhan good afternoon
You are an admirable and generous person, always thinking of others, congratulations for the great job you are doing
I wish you a splendid day

11.05.2021 15:55

@jlufer thank dear brother,, it is all of your love and support and motivation, i think our this effort can bring joy and pleasure in people life,, may you live long dear brother,,,

11.05.2021 15:56

Without a doubt, you will bring a lot of joy to many homes, especially in the difficult situation we are experiencing. Today more than ever people are very needy
Congratulations again for this great action you do
May you always be blessed dear friend

11.05.2021 16:04

بھائ جان اللہ آپ کے رزق میں اضافہ فرماۓ آپ ہمارے غریب عوام کا بہت خیال رکھتے ہیں

11.05.2021 16:06

سر جی یہ بہت اچھا کام ہے جو غریبون کی مدد کرنا اللہ آپ کے رزق مین اضافہ فرماے

11.05.2021 16:55

Ma Shaa Allah you did an amazing act. To help people around you is so much love in front of Allah and you did it in this auspicious month. Although Allah knows it better we being Muslims believe that Allah reward and bless us much more in this Holy month.

May Allah grant you more so that you can help more people around you and loved the idea of the charity plan.

11.05.2021 17:31

Well done professor . Humanity exist just because of people like you in the world.
Keep going.
Thank you.
Happy eid professor.

11.05.2021 17:56

MashaAllah sir MashaAllah you are doing a great job i wish you best of luck for this great mission.
Indeed this is our responsibility to helps poor because if we are able to help others why not? I do the same and will continue the good work with steem challenge charity very soon.

11.05.2021 19:07

that's a great thing that you just did doing Charity and donating money is a great thing and we all should do it it won't affect us that much but it will make other people's life very easy

I did the same I donate a 10% of my earnings from steemit in poor families and it was a great feeling I share the story as well

and because of people like you it gives me and other people more power to do Charity and donations Inshallah soon I will be doing another Charity in my village after a few days there are some families they need help and I will be personally doing the charity

thank you so much for inspiring us stay blessed

11.05.2021 19:11

That's really great.
This gesture of kindness will inspire others to do the same.
May Allah bless you :)

11.05.2021 19:56

Sir g garibon ki madad krny sy Allah Talah bahut khush hota hai Allah paak apko aur taraqi atta kary.

11.05.2021 22:16

MashAllah MashAllah Allah pak apko humesha assy tofeek dain sab ki help krne ki.

11.05.2021 22:52

Our main mission should be to get rid of poverty,as all of you knows humainty comes first so let's step forward to make complete this mission as the need of hour was to take part and step forward to make it possible and Respected @yousafharoonkhan has already set the fire on.
We all are with you live a life for poor's and need peoples. More and more power to you dear !
Stay blessed !

12.05.2021 07:53

You did Amazing in this holy month we need to help poor and needy families and you did it with your Steemit reward.
IA May Allah Help You With your next plan for charity.

12.05.2021 08:53

Mashallah sir you have done a great job. It is our responsibility to help those in need because Allah has given us more than we need and there's a difference between what we want and what we need. So always keep in mind that if Allah has given you enough money try to help the needy people. Thank you sir for sharing your contribution towards humanity:)

12.05.2021 10:32

What a great activity brother, just salute your work.
In the month of Ramadan we all need to do this kind of work. Thanks for sharing with us and also inspire us.

12.05.2021 12:11

Mashallah Sir more power to you
You really did amazing work everyone needs to do this same act

12.05.2021 16:23

Eid Mubarak🙏 I thought you're playing splinterlands 🤭 but here you are... Doing all your best to help others, May Allah blessings upon you and family

12.05.2021 18:34

This is why we love you sir.Steem on

12.05.2021 21:42

You have done such a great job may Allah grant all your wishes

13.05.2021 10:06

Great effort brother it is really very great that you are doing such things kudos to you.

14.05.2021 07:11

Sir you are so sweet and your love humanity because this is the secret of your secsus

15.05.2021 17:42

Allah pak qabool farma aiy ameen suma ameen

20.05.2021 12:27