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Hola Dude,
Your Dude is here. How are you all? By the way I am fine. I came to the world longest Sea Beach Cox's Bazar for my vacation. As well as I came to their Capital Dhaka. Then I found a Italian shop. I was to much excited to go there and take their awesome Italian food.

Lets talk about one of the most talked about restaurants in Dhaka. So O’play is an Italian Restaurant (The Head Chef has 22 years of experience from Italy) which recently opened in Gulshan and it has already created a big buzz for its quality of food, ambience and interior.


I visited the place yesterday and ordered some of their top selling items, sadly they ran out of Portobello Mushroom which has been a big hit (they import these mushrooms from abroad). So i ordered Spigola.


Spigola is a sea bass and its probably one of the best seafood dishes i had in Dhaka. The eggplant with cheese as sides gave a unique taste. The Risotto was the best one out of all the dishes and its a must try along with the ones i mentioned and will be mentioning. Then i had the Lamb Chops (Imported Lambs), oh man they were just delicious.


Now lets talk about the seafood pasta, it was full of cream and it was super delicious (They did justice with amount of prawns put in right there). I forgot the name of the desserts but they were top notch as well.


They import most of their items from abroad hence their food are of high quality. The place itself is very well decorated. They have a huge playing zone on the 2nd floor for the children as well.


This restaurant is founded by 4 hard working women, its amazing to see women empowerment in Bangladesh.

Place : O’ Play

Items : Mentioned above

Price : I tried their trial menu so did not write it down as they will update it soon.

Taste : 9.5/10



So dude, why are you waiting? Just go to O' Play and take your favourite Italian item in Dhaka. Hope you will be loved with their great environment and best type of Italian food.

Okay Dude! Now I am going to finish my post. Thanks for being with me. I love you all. Make sure to Obey your parents! They are the most precious things in life. Okay Take care.

Greetings From,

These Pictures are Captured with Xiaomi Redmi 4X. All rights reserved to @yourdude

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