What is the reality? Good luck and bad luck, intrapersonal knowledge

It's >It's hard to think that everything around us can be an illusion, everything we know, the people we hang out with, the people we love. Although we know very well throughout history the human has made different studies of life, there is as much information as theories not yet validated, in the same way we grow and learn a culture, we learn about duality, good and evil, that it is the "right" and that is "true", and we call this "reality", however "correct" and "true" are nothing more than imprecise terms, reality could prove to be an illusion, we all live by our own assns.


Several disorders can arise when breaking a reality that we have created, the cause of stress and anxiety can be lethal when obtaining a new amount of information in a short time that destroys oury bubble (we will e will talk a little about it in anotlication). Do we reo we really knois real? we knowwe know that there are multiple possibilities of a reality, and our only is "time", whme", which means that every time we have to choose between a duality our timeline will adapt to the choice, we can always choose again, but not we can escape the experience of choosing t, then, is everys eng real?, Or is itr il a lie?, The firThe first thing to understand is tha is "chaos", thos", that is, the inability to subject the area to absolutely all the variables that define the variations, makes it impossible to know exactly future events. Since it is impossible to take into account the absolute values of the variables that could affect, we obtain as a result a chaotic system in which any phenomenon in the universe, however insignificant, has the potential power to trigger a wave of events that can change a complete system, a common is the "butterfly effect".

The anshe answer I hached is "the mind". Sur." Surely they have read that poverty is nothing more than a sf mind, does thies this mean that some of us lirselves?, as there there are fields of vision "good luck" and "bad luck" are nothing more than dualities that tell us about types of visions, a person with "good luck" is one who manages to capture in his field of vision the multiple opportunities and he exploits them to his advantage unlike the person who "has bad luck" he cannot see in his field of vision the possibilities he has for his own growth, so we can say that both dualities exist in a reality and depend on whether we are in the side of "good luck" or "bad luck" the kind of vision we will have of this reality, whether it is a broad or a totally limited onThe most difficulThe hardeo face that "everything tto face that everything that hasibility", the jour responsibility, the job of many psychologists is to explain this part in which we are responsible for everything that happens to us, even having "bad luck". Then, the intrapersonal study allows us to ive in, an illusion?, Probab in, an illusion?, Probably if, an illusion, as I said at thcation, when we were children, our partion, as children o is "right" and "true". Our pe inaccurate terms, our parents are not to blame because our grandparents taught them the same, thus obtaining a chain of information that is not updated with the change oow that "times change" and theat "times change" and the longer serves uh, since the new moreserves us, since new more useful /p> W it.

We havct that "I am aware". I am a that "I am aware", I am a musician and I can as an "eighth musical" of courn "eighth musical" of course I talk about it on another occasion, for the moment understand that our reality is not o in our mind, it wilside , in our mind, it will be ts page, "we projen steemit's page, we project we know". All thed on what we know. All these are summarieste later. As a musiill write later, as a musician I will also write things about sounds related to emotions and sensations. The human is very extensive and all the things that surround  Photography: Pixabay - Lars_Nissen_Photoart 

> > oung musician.

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