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SafeMoon Cash | marketing strategy

The world of Finance has always been an integral part of our modern society. After all, thanks to him, people have a unique opportunity to interact with each other, relying on several foundations and standards. Now, with the advent of new technologies in our reality, there are additional alternatives to classic Fiat money. Which has absolutely phenomenal features. In addition, its use completely destroys the shadow side of the relationship with Fiat money, which every time a transaction has more than one-third party.


However, despite these advantages, the world of digital assets, namely cryptocurrencies, is still very vulnerable to many aggressive factors that arise. Yes, blockchain technology and associated cryptographic units are themselves unique, transparent, and secure. But the platforms where you can buy or sell this kind of digital assets are currently quite weak before the strong hacker attacks. What, in principle, is evidenced by more than a dozen negative stories about how many funds are stolen from one cryptocurrency exchange or another.

Apart from the lack of security, the platform lacks a number of tools that can provide a decent level of leverage for different levels of traders. All this and many other things are found again and again in this service market. Moreover, initially, not all platforms were ready to carry out their activities transparently. For example, one Canadian exchange was convicted of fraud, in which it turned out that the exchange had long been bankrupt, but continued to withdraw balances in the accounts of each of its users. So as not to cause unnecessary panic and noise. But as they say, all the secrets sooner or later become clear.

It is possible and necessary to avoid a similar phenomenon. Due to all the mistakes and missteps of many of these exchanges, it is negatively affecting the overall reputation of the entire cryptocurrency space, which has only unlimited potential, which is eager to be penetrated. Therefore, I decided to devote my review today to one of the platforms where investors now have the privilege of monitoring their investments from the comfort of their home.


SafeMoon Cash is a new token based on the DeFi BSC cryptocurrency which was launched recently. This platform was developed by the Binance Smart Chain community. It is a marketing strategy tool primarily designed to manage price inconsistencies in the cryptocurrency world for token holders and investors in the ecosystem.
This new platform was created by an anonymous group of «tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, software fanatics and marketers». But none of them have marketing or developer funds, and liquidity is burning after the token launch, as evidenced by Safemoon Cash's publicly available smart transactions on BSC., has grown quite rapidly since its launch, judging by Safemoon Cash's chart, the momentum is rising slowly but sure and reached its peak on May 10 and then decreased. The overall market capitalization is growing rapidly, and according to the charts of Safemoon Cash Poocoin, it has become the 4th most popular coin on the Poocoin network.'s description states it has an excellent community, as evidenced so far by the massive activity launched on Reddit, Twitter, and even TikTok. In addition, under Safemoon Cash-related materials, you will find many supportive comments and the number of original owners continues to grow. In fact, the community is so large that new transactions occur almost every second.
Recently, there was an announcement in the Safemoon Cash Reddit thread that another bullish race for the token was drawing near, and anyone looking to reap the benefits should start buying them as soon as possible. This is now only possible via PancakeSwap, but the development team promises that the coin will be added to other exchanges soon.


To buy a new cryptocurrency, you need to be on Pancake Swap v.1. Safemoon's box office address can be found on the official sites Reddit and BSCscan.



The Safemoon Cash system platform was developed by the participants in the BSC protocol. Due to the high tax on transactions, the first owners of Safemoon are the most profitable. Safemoon Cash gives its holders passive rewards through static reflection. By placing Safemoon Cash in a pool, it increases equity capital while providing liquidity.
Safemove Cash tokens are very volatile and it is difficult to predict what will happen even in the next few days, but the team seems quite determined. They are steadily following the planned lunar map, and on May 10, the token was listed on the XT exchange, on May 13, the listing on ProBit was confirmed. By the end of the year, the cryptocurrency should be registered with CoinGecko.


The immediate plans are to implement the Safemoon Cash Governance Token, which will be used to influence decisions in the future, and then in a growing protocol to reduce selling pressure from community members, thereby increasing liquidity. If Safemoon Cash continues to attract new followers and investors, at least at the same pace they are already doing, it looks like the project could grow into a really big thing.

Strategy Team


Safemoon Cash disumbangkan oleh individu-individu berbakat dari seluruh dunia. Ini hanya beberapa orang di balik upaya komunitas kami.

Connor Leach-USA: Kepala Pemasaran
Bolkonsky-Belanda: Pemimpin Strategi
N H-UK: Ahli Strategi dan Pemasar Senior
Weedstocks-BELANDA: Spesialis Pemasaran
Marco-JERMAN: Ahli Strategi dan Pemasar
imoutosha-UK: Discord Diva
Pablito-ITALIA: Penyihir Teknis
Sascha-JERMAN: Ahli Strategi dan Pemasar
Mohamed-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Ahli Strategi dan PR
Majid-CANADA: Konsultan Bisnis dan PR

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