INQUIRIES ABOUT RANDOMNESS, a Multimedia Oracle I wish to perform with artists like you in the STEEM scenary

This video and photos, making by my brother Leonel, correspond to a presentation of a INQUIRIES ABOUT RANDOMNESS, a Multimedia Oracle, during the Los Teques Theater Festival, in 2016, in which our theatrical group was invited to participate, which together with Kristel had the opportunity to found, with the name CERRADO-TEATRO, (Closed-Theater), has had the opportunity to present INQUIRIES ABOUT RANDOMNESS on multiple occasions and since 1989, three years after its founding, in several Venezuelan cities and in various contexts. From the very first presentations, multiple cultures and groups dedicated to diverse artistic manifestations have been invited to co-participate. It is an ingenious proposal where the creative capacity provides a space for chance to draw again and again its kaleidoscope and, perhaps, give us some answers about our most intimate doubts and dilemmas.


Randomness is one of the deepest and most mysterious realities faced by human beings. Our existence takes place between the flow of coincidences and causalities. That is why CERRADO-TEATRO has decided to produce INQUIRIES ABOUT RANDOMNESS, an original idea by playwright and theatre director Oswaldo Antonio González. -that is, me- so that those present can unravel their concerns and doubts regarding their own lives and the rest of the universe. In this way, the audience ceases to be a simple spectator and becomes the protagonist of this surprising, participative show, full of sympathy, beauty and touches of magic and humour.


It is a Multimedia Oracle where the public is a fundamental piece, since with its questions it puts into operation a set of systems, equivalent to different artistic disciplines, which are integrated to play at answering those who approach to inquire about their vital transit, their loves, problems and illusions, or about the progress of this strange world. This Oracle is perfectly adaptable to diverse situations and spaces, since it does not require a theatre hall, being especially suitable to present in parks, squares, hotels, halls, etc., whether in Festivals, Congresses and any other institutional events, or simply for the general public to spend a different time, to participate in our show.


The Oracle is set in motion when a spectator decides to consult it aloud. The Diviner or Pythoness, at the same time that Master or Master of Ceremony, making use of some form of consultation of the chance, that is to say, the cards of the Tarot, the I Ching, the runes, the reading of the tobacco, etc; will give as answer to the consultant some general considerations and a key word that will activate a set of actions and events that each System has previously stipulated. These Systems interact in a random way and through visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory and kinesthetic stimuli that the consultant and the rest of the public perceive, an answer will be given for a few minutes complex enough so that the subconscious is the final receiver. Once this period is over, we will be ready to respond to another member of the audience so that everyone can participate. On many occasions, the intervention of chance produces strange "coincidences", situations provided with mischief and even affirmations of impressive precision. It is important to point out that the performers of each System do not know what the performers of the other systems will present. In this way, the energies we know as the Random will be allowed to flow.


At least the following systems participate in each session of INQUIRIES ABOUT RANDOMNESS :

1. Live music and sounds.
2. Dance and corporal expression.
3. Theatrical actions.
4. Videos, recorded music and Reading of various texts (Poetry, recipes, exorcisms, photo-stories, etc).
5. Physical stimuli, with objects, aromas and flavours, in direct contact with the public.
6. Visual Arts (Live Action Paitting).
7. Pythoness - master of ceremony.

Coordination of the session: Oswaldo Antonio González.


As they say that dreaming does not cost anything, I will dare to dream that I will succeed in motivating a group of the excellent artists who contribute with their creations through the Steem platform to organize sessions for broadcasting it through the network. It would be really great! Don't you believe it?

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