This is all about me @yohan2on - The 100 DAYS OF STEEM: Wednesday challenge [the diary game introduction post]

My name is Yohan, born and living in Uganda, aged 29 years old. I possess a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing. After my university studies “4years ago,” I worked at Cavendish University on a year contract as a marketing agent. I am currently not working. I am mostly engaged in online work on Bottom line, I am a full time steemian.

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I am a steem greeter helping newbies on how to get started on I am also a Steem Africa curator who is always reading through the content created by the different people in Africa, drop comments and curating them.

I am a crypto enthusiast, I like all things Crypto and Blockchain technology. I got the exposure to these great revolutionary aspects when I joined steemit 2 years ago. I also have some knowledge and skills of both Crypto and forex trading after having gone through a 3 months educational course on trading this year 2020. Though have not yet started any live trading.

I am a passionate hard working young man who is result oriented. I am still single and not married. I love inspiring and motivating young people in engaging themselves in productive activities that are purposely geared towards improving their standards of living.

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I am a sports man, mostly involved in tennis playing and coaching. In my free time, I engage myself in tennis playing and also volunteering activities including sharing the tennis sports skills with the young people in my country. I am currently running a tennis charity project called “Mukono tennis academy” which I began this year during the Covid-19 lock-down situation in the Country.

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I am also a Christian who spends time counseling and mentoring people on the different aspects of life for their social, economic and spiritual wellbeing. I and my entire team of fellow young people usually reach out to different communities of people in schools, universities and churches, publically addressing large crowds of people on the different aspects of life.

I am an open minded person, who likes exploring different productive and potential opportunities that I presume to be adding value to my life and the lives of those around me.

I am basically, a social person, who believes in building valuable connections with people of different culture and race across the globe. I therefore love meeting new people and making valuable friends both online and offline. Whatever I do, I do it with this in mind “building my social capital.”

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Thanks for the great work you've been doing on Steem Africa. Nice knowing you more.

Thank you for using Steem Africa and posting on steem. Join the ongoing contest on steem Africa, and follow @ steemitblog for more info about happenings on steem, and participate in more contest. Your post has been curated from the @steemcurator05 account. Stay inspired and keep steeming.

27.06.2020 00:53

Thanks so much for appreciating my efforts and for the generous support.

27.06.2020 08:54

Glad to know about you 😍😍

27.06.2020 06:09

Thanks! I am glad you passed by and took some time to learn about me.

27.06.2020 08:56

Thank you for taking part in this 100 Days of Steem Challenge.

Good to get to know you more.

The Steemit Team

01.07.2020 22:00

Wow thanks for participating in the dairy game is my pleasure to see you participating.

04.08.2020 13:14