Here is the list of steemians in the various African countries.

Dear steemit team @steemcurator01, the following is the list of Steemians in the various African countries that i have managed to draft. I have always tracked most of them in the steemPOD project. Most of them are new steemians. Some are temporary inactive accounts. We just need to develop a way of motivating new steemians in Africa to keep active on steemit. As country representatives in the African region, we are using the @steemcurator04 to keep supporting various African steemians' contents.

We need to develop more smart strategies for keeping these users active and engaged on the steemit platform. I believe by keeping on organising contests, these will be encouraged to post and engage more on steemit.


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Here is the list of African steemians categorised by their countries.


@kunle-art @exercutioner @emmanuel-pade @vhenom @imovercomer @talktofaith @dlioness @beckie96830
@buikem @pretydami @venon @marydexplorer @theopportunist @thequill
@rexgeorge @doppley @mesonia @samaria @onyx96502
@symplpresh @arrrnu @harrygwec @mccoy02
@cassieijay @forli @chinonso1 @stildreey @riche003
@perem @onyichuks @samuel20 @nikkynwa
@iamdanny @lovveday @edurumbah1
@ngoenyi @ninapenda @reminiscence01
@koladammy @cherrypee @godsbest
@awokoya @jehoshua-shey
@chigolden @jacci @smartcliff @micharaph @obrisgold @viczwa
@emastics @odiari @godsglory01 @cellmobile @herculeand
@vincentibe @coded @lekbollekzy @karen2025
@janetf @okoyejoshua @peperaina @sambee
@ladyroyal @ifunanaalozie @davchi
@wagavuvuh @realsamueljay @aisha001 @ndufirst
@iamlynxie @benton3 @olasmartie @chirich
@amdishu @taddybrainy @shedvester @worldchamp
@edutogo @smoothman


@mariez @marjor @davidshiner1 @faithmuwonge
@ariseandshine @julienbrenda @hymee @semakulajr
@arnoldxavi @jacqulinena @rammyjays
@quinnealexa @amastella @guccifarry @lubegajr @precious5
@tfauganda @blessedmimi19




@calybos @njaywan @godfred111
@hamidata85 @donray @bosheba1
@kofigeorge @yaw2 @obeygh @nas-gh
@tinoone @cherub27 @junioreric @thegreatowusu
@andrewkwarteng @danielo109 @prof87
@henryman10 @dimple-gh @ergenberg @faristochan


@peacemakers @saxopedia @nforyembe @fombae @solacekaba
@ayeahgodlove @chant @njiatanga @fabby @eddykinglivehi
@enjohenjoh @tenguhatanga @craxywriter



Dear Country representatives @njiatanga @njaywan @oppongk @beautychicks @focusnow. Lets keep tracking these new steemians and keep supporting their content by using the steemcurator04 curator account. If their are other steemians not included on this list, please drop them in the comment section of this article so that i add them up on this list. Its good to keep bringing in new users but its also good to keep track of their progress on the steem blockchain.

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Hello, @yohan2on i noticed that all my recruits are mentioned above but i think my name @bright-obias is not included on the above mentioned names or is it for new steemians alone??

01.10.2020 20:12

Thank you for this list.

Has there been any update since this list?

It would be really useful if the accounts are listed alphabetically for each country, and separated into active and inactive accounts.

The Steemit Team

cc @njiatanga @njaywan @oppongk @beautychicks @focusnow

15.10.2020 13:04

Thanks @steemcurator01. I think we can discuss in our group and come up with how to go about this.

15.10.2020 13:15