My Xmas present for you: An original Christmas Carol: Something that feels like home... A song for those moody or lonely during the holidays. ALSO welcome WINTER! Blessed Yule

Every year I do a Xmas or Yule Winter Special... this year I not the time to make a video but at least I finished this little song that It is a bit sad but hopeful and is dedicated especially to those facing struggle or loneliness during the Xmas Season. Today is Yule, Winter Solstice,so now on, even if Winter is bitter cold, days will be long.
Song is free to download but I am grateful if you take ONE minute to leave feedback here and on my youtube channel

The Wheel of the Year

Yule or Yuletide is also the pagan name given to Winter's solstice and its celebration, and the promise of light it brings has been celebrated since ancient times. That's why we holy and evergreen trees are linked with these holidays, because their evergreen is a promise of future growth.

Last year I did a series of Christmas Origins and legends and explained that holly is related to these winter festivities as a token of life, something that is evergreen when the branches go bare and naked. That's why I chose it in the cover as a symbol of hope and future
Something that feels like home - by Priscilla Hernandez (

With this Christmas carol I want to wish everyone a blessed Yule, Merry Xmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy closing of the year... This is a public post and open for everyone. This year our Christmas special is an original theme called "Something that feels like home"

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Sometimes Christmas also stirs sorrow, loneliness, the winter blizzards rage so cold... but remember the shortest night is also the moment the light starts to return... I hope everyone enjoys thing but it is particularly dedicated to those ones that are more lonely or sadder, it's a present that I hope brings you comfort. Thus, it's not the most joyful of Christmas songs but I hope one FULL OF HOPE and warmth. A solace, a shelter in the middle of the cold winter nights.

Holly is evergreen... a promise that things will regrow after the start bare Winter... If you are facing struggles, if you are alone, or sad... hold on to something, something "evergreen" something that will keep your spirit warm, a small dream, a new hope... and hold on to it as a treasure...

Poem/Lyrics: Something that feels like Home

something that feels like home.jpg

Let me gift you this song
something that feels like home
As the year ends
Let us go back to the essence
and ask ourselves
what do we really want?
A hope that trascends
is just a warmth
It's a presence
Something that feels like home
Even when you are alone


As the year ends
Let us all count our blessings
The shortest night marks when the light returns
A hope once reborn
becomes the greatest of presents
It's something that feels like home
Even when you're all alone
Let cold winds blow
I'll keep you safe from the storm
Once Upon this Winter Song

Song has been included in a CHRISTMAS SAMPLER (a compilation album with original carols of many composers) The album will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD tomorrow on

The song has been included in a Christmas compilation by radio station and podcast LOST FRONTIER. I will announce the link tomorrow so you can download the entire album that features this track along with many other composers that have made original Xmas song for the projects. Stay tuned! I'll update this entry and do a new blog post with the full album as a free download tomorrow live on

But if you can wait I have been granted permission to share the link to download the FREE ALBUM that you can get entirely including cover art here:

Here is the final track list included in the sampler including my original Carol presented in this post "Something that feels like home"


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Beautiful! I just loved this! Thank you!

22.12.2019 00:40

Hope you had a great time with yours and happy new year, thanks for the lovely compliment!

02.01.2020 16:59

This is so sweet and gentle. I love it. Blessed Yule to you, my friend. Thank you for sharing your gift of song with us. May the darkness nurture your dreams, and may the light help them grow.

22.12.2019 00:42

Thank you my friend, it was also a gift to myself to write it something I needed myself, but at a moment it was past beyond my soul and I hope it also gives warmth to others as simple as it is.

22.12.2019 10:59

Thank-you for your lovely gift on this Yule/Winter Solstice! It was beautiful, perfect for this time of year!

22.12.2019 01:22

Aw you are welcome, the shortest night marks the light's return. Blessed Yule.

22.12.2019 10:58


22.12.2019 06:27

So beautiful. Talking of hope, we had a sunny Christmas here, but today it’s back to dark clouds and rain.

Thank you for your gift to us 🎄✨

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26.12.2019 08:35

Been quiet these days cos I'm migrating to the new computer, and I'm halfway through with some programs working here and others working there :)
Happy New Year.. and seriously IT'S THE YEAR OF THE RAT :)

02.01.2020 16:58

Merry Christmas to you Yidneth <3

26.12.2019 18:26

A lovely sound, as always. Wishing you all the best in 2020, @yidneth!

28.12.2019 17:25

best wishes back to you :)

02.01.2020 16:58