Just a little moody poem: My dream still haunts me when I'm awake


A little moody poem I wrote yesterday, let me know what you think. It may become a song, it may not :)
I share also some recent photos of me, I'm enjoying the creeks this Summer, the ever flowing cold waters always help to clear my thoughts. By the way nightgown is a gift from my friend Kelly and I've had it for many years, it appears in many of my videos and photos because I do wear it often (mostly to bathe in the woods)

This little poem is a bit moody, but from these moments of melancholia some songs have been born. Though some words never find a melody, they are like orphan and and incomplete without a melody... It could be the case because there is something piercing in them...

but who knows... It's kind of hovering over and indeed it found a way out...

As the poem itself says, it may shift though before finding music

My dream still haunts me when I'm awake


My dream still haunts me when I'm awake
All the what ifs? If so... what then?
My dream's a longing with no shape
A fear that I might be already late
Yet I have nothing but a dream
A hope that things won't be the same
That they will shift, that they will change
My dream still haunts me when I am awake

 - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg
Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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This is a lovely poem, @yidneth. It creates an edgy mood that contrasts in an interesting way with the dreamy language.

15.07.2019 12:04

Aw thanks for your words, this is the raw feeling just out... been having some troubles to sleep and dealing with some turmoil. I go to the creek and I let it go flow downstream you know. It will probably shift and change entirely if it ever becomes a song :)
Sending you hugs! til we meet again!? :) Best regards from Spain!

15.07.2019 12:10

Yes, perhaps in Bangkok?

Letting your troubles flow downstream seems very healthy, very healing. Hugs to you!

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15.07.2019 13:16

A prey to my dreams
That how it sounds to me. I like the melancholy in this. Sad and grey. Its grimmy nature is somewhat a misery. I like this a lot.

Dante is here No Fear


15.07.2019 16:14

Lovely. I'm always one for poetry with mystery and a bit of longing in it. Sweet to see you sharing it here, song sister.

15.07.2019 22:37

a big tight hug to you! :) glad to find you reading too

15.07.2019 23:08

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16.07.2019 01:00

Very gorgeous poem, Priscilla, like an old song that slithers and sings itself in one's subconscious ___

The photos are super beautiful too, you look like a Naiad, ethereal and magical ___

16.07.2019 01:54

Aw thanks, I've been moody of late and I find comfort bathing in the creek the nightgown is my usual bathing suit actually, it's torn and ragged and been in countless videos but I love how it has become frail and torn with years, yes trying to make sense of things, but a good way to convey all the turmoil is through poems that maybe will become a song.

16.07.2019 18:04


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16.07.2019 04:47

Ahh I don't know how I missed this!

It's beautiful and, yes, haunting..and you know I like moody...

I think you should make it into a song for sure! It's so nice seeing you post more lately.

Love and cookies!!

17.07.2019 15:42

I try to at least :) I need to do more consistently though but my own blog has been a bit outdated of late too, :) will try :) thanks for reading :)

19.07.2019 17:05

Lovely.. and reminds me of one I wrote many years ago. sighs

I will see if I can find a way to post it but I am neither an artist nor a photographer so I will need to think carefully how to select the correct art or images.

Thanks for sharing Priscilla. It was beautiful.

01.08.2019 14:35

I find super interesting that some "feelings" seem to be floating and we simply convey them... I'd be happy to read your poem. I've dealt with sleep disorders since early age so it's also a recurrent topic for me. Blessings. I always use my own photographies but there are sites with stock photos like pixabay, still I recommend that you pick the phone and there are some free apps like "Seed" that can easily turn a phone pic into something artistic, there's no need for fancy, a flower, a naked branch, a cloud, everything can be poetic and conveying if looked through the right eye even if you're not a professional photographer. And maybe you'll find a new hobby there too

02.08.2019 12:05

Oh yes.. Troubled sleep can lead to an active imagination but ultimately it is only in dreams can we explore the impossible.

You are a very good photographer and artist I see. I have a friend of mine who is an artist too and I will ask her to help me pick photos or do something to flesh out my words.

It is true the world around is wonderful and inspirational and it is possible to find the rhythm and rapture in the little things like a flower or a cloud.

Thanks for sharing. I hope I can share back.

04.08.2019 15:01

Awww sorry I did not get to upvote your lovely reply, been away a couple of weeks, if you reply to this I'll make sure to upvote it, thanks so mucy for the compliment. Best regards. Still struggling to sleep, this has been a challenging year for me.

13.08.2019 15:20

Awww S'ok.. Just any acknowledgement is enough.

I have been working with my artist friend to put my creation online. Really without friends I would be a very poor person indeed. Just follow me to be made aware when it is active. It should be the next few days I have just been distracted with other pressing issues alas.

Thanks once again for the inspiration.

16.08.2019 11:25