2nd STEEMVERSARY! + Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)? Cover (Live take + my clones) + tell me your 80s favs!

Second Steemersary and Cover from the studio!

No fancy video this time, just a humble and recorded "on the go" tribute to this 80s hit originally released by Euryrthmics in 1983 and sung by the brilliant Annie Lennox. As I have mentioned before I'm a vintage lady already I have lots of influence from film music but also 80s. I'm revisiting some oldies that were in my walkman back in the day (yes, I'm that vintage).

So I'm trying this simpler format to fight my perfectionism as the official videos take me too long... what do you think?
It's almost as when I was streaming using the obs so nothing fancy, just raw, simple and very honest takes

Where did all this time go? oh my time flies! My 2nd Steemversary!

This was the first photo I shared

My first shy hello world with zero followers here two years ago...
It's been a journey, with its ups and downs, people coming, going, returning :)
I always say, slow and steady but here I am and I hope my presence and content has left a mark... It's another window for me to get my work known and I've made a few friends on the way too. Some of them I even had the chance to meet in person at Steemfest Krakow, and well I hope that it's made a difference do not be shy and let me know in the comments if it's been that way! Even if it is you making appreciating more the cuteness in rats LOL hahha and my long-term followers here know what I mean!

A bitter lullaby... What are dreams made of anyway?

My version is more lullaby because as I had already done with Mad World I think these two songs have sad and bitter lyrics but as fellow insomniac unable to let go and turn off my thoughts... I thought this is like my "Hush, world is crazy but you know? tomorrow is another day, now sleep" It is barely a minute long so I welcome your impressions



A silly selfie gif (no fancy dresses today) while filming this video but well just asking DROP ME YOUR 80s favorite suggestions down in the comments ok?! :) and kisses to all!

Do not worry, doing these for fun and I am working in many original songs and more complex videos but though this format is easier for me to share maybe more candid things with more frequency. This is a simpler format I'm trying out to fight my own perfectionism XD, just live and candid, so revisiting things that were in my walkman (yes I'm that vintage) when I grew up (fantasy geek movies and 80s hits)

Tell me your favourite 80s songs, we may find common ground ;-) who knows!

A week ago we shared Within you (Bowie, Labyrinth)... And I have previously covered some retro things like Tears for Fears (by the way my favourite band)
so Make your guesses what may come next in these series?

POST YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS I'm curious also for research, though I'll only cover things that resonate with me as an influence

Lyrics (Sweet Dreams (Are Made of)) by Eurythmics

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody's looking for something.
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused


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I know I post scarcely... to the point sometimes people sometimes "welcome me back" having been my steemversary and all it makes me think that is not about speed but perseverance... Until next lovelies!

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Happy steemversary :)

13.02.2020 14:29

Thank you, time flies... and congrats for your baby!

13.02.2020 14:36

love it.
not a Marilyn Manson fan but i like his version of this song.

13.02.2020 15:11

A few have mentioned Manson's version I honestly don't know it. I'm familiar mostly with the original 80s one but will check.

13.02.2020 16:35

well visaly it is Menson :) and for some reason that creepines in the voice works for me in this one.

13.02.2020 17:05

well that's a dark twist... I kind of like DARK MUSIC and I do compose DARK original music but in my case it's more eerie and ghostly a little bit less disturbing... still all my dark songs flop really lol but I still write them. Here is one of my favs of mine that noone noticed much :) Will continue to delve my darker self and maybe some of the vintage retro hits may be brought to strange territory

13.02.2020 17:11

his visuals are a bit to much for me, but i like how it sounds.

it is a really specific niche so i think it is a bit hard to get to the people. It is like my friends recording in Slovak in a country where there are maybe 30.000 people that speak it :) not a great market :D

Interesting house in the middle of nowhere.

13.02.2020 18:28

yes, that house is on top of a hill surrounded by virgin forest and a very looooooooooooong hike, no villages close, it was built up there so you can see the sea afar, and it has a lots of mistery as the fact the owner bought all the natural park and prevents the house from being "changed" died long ago, really it's kind of haunted location locally.

this image is not mine is an aerial shot so you can where it is, found on google search https://images.app.goo.gl/yw33uCcXW65BKaNf9

14.02.2020 16:59

Love that song, and a great cover!

I think the simpler format really works well for you.

Happy anniversary!

13.02.2020 17:10

thank you world is hectic and a turmoil right now
so I thought even if the lyrics is kind of bitter
it was a good fit for a good night lullaby "let go and disconnect from all the things happening cos they're going to happen anyway) Thanks for the compliment I appreciate it!

14.02.2020 16:56

Happy Steemversary @yidneth!

It always is a joy to see creative content here doing well and adding variety to the range of what we see here!


13.02.2020 17:59

Thank you, I have been posting slowly but steadily for all this time, and sure a slow poster but I try my best to make them worth (hopefully). I'm trying now this simpler format (other videoclips are way more complicated and just take too long)

14.02.2020 16:54

Happy 2 year steemiversary.gif

13.02.2020 19:49

thank you

14.02.2020 16:49

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13.02.2020 20:22

Happy anniversary! I thought you'd been on steemit longer than me! I keep an eye out for your posts, however long they are spaced apart. Ihey never cease to delight me. :))

14.02.2020 01:31

Aw I'm glad to return as song as there is someone to appreciate and feedback :) thanks for letting me know, I was convinced it was my 3rd but then it was my second, now I'm doubting, either way, feels a long time

14.02.2020 16:50

I popped in to see you! So glad I did! I give you my upvote that has only a tiny bit of umfff behind it in celebration of your Steemversary.

One of my favorite 80's songs is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

Be will my dear!

14.02.2020 02:03

aww My own vote is very much dust nowadays... I don't care about the value but the lovely visit and feedback, thanks for that :) and for the suggestion too

14.02.2020 16:53

You are very welcome!

14.02.2020 17:48

Congratulations again! I'm glad I found Steem, it's been an awesome ride so far. Some ups and downs, but a net positive :)

This is a great idea with the simpler videos. That's perfect for Steem. You can still post the full ones when they're ready, but if this means you'll post more frequently it's amazing.

In terms of 80's hits, I think anything from Michael Jackson haha.

14.02.2020 08:45

Yes, not only for Steem but for all my networks and windows, I am a slow poster (doh as if it weren't obvious because my official videos and songs take so long) sometimes people welcome me back as if I'm gone during this last year I've increased the number of releases unofficial more candid things but this is a step further into simplicity, very much like my first broadcasts live here when I started.

14.02.2020 16:52

It has been a while since reading/listening, just a lot of content lately on steem block chain. 80's a very wide ranging decade, but one song I have recently been re-listening to is 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' by Bonnie Tyler. With a range from Michael Jackson to Culture Club and all the styles in-between a good decade. Favorite album from that decade still listened to in this and past decades, is Planet P Project. Last year, maybe two years ago now I found the song Bed Time Stories by Tony Carey done in 1992, I missed that when it first came out, it is has been my favorite song for since finding it.

I hope to spend more time visiting blogs I have neglected for awhile. I do remember that picture, a very nice one and it could tell a thousand stories and hold as many songs. I do not write well, but I do see stories in some picture, I love all the moss and the manner you are in the image as if talking to an ancient tree person, trying to heal it, or give it some peaceful company. Anyway, have a nice week, and i will try to drop back by more often.

20.02.2020 07:30

Best wishes back, thanks for the compliment because through my songs, drawings and photography I consider myself a bit of a storyteller so that's a big compliment out there...
Oh I remember Total Eclipse of the Heart, the videoclip was creepy and weird hahah but having sleep paralysis was kind of familiar in many ways but it was so random... there is a "literal version" of it like they mock the audio to tell what happens in the video and it's the most hilarious thing you've ever seen. Need to check Bed time stories, not familiar with it.

24.02.2020 17:18

I see a lot of stories in pictures at times. It has been awhile since I tried to do much writing, but spring is getting close and so is winters doldrums as it comes to an end soon I hope. To the tomorrows to come.

24.02.2020 20:11

Oh thanks :)

26.02.2020 13:31

Wow, just found your steemit, you are surely successfull here! <3 Happy to see.

15.03.2020 13:35

I have not been using it much of late, but I post my videos and releases in all my networks :) I'm slow as hell.. XD though ! :) we need to catch up!

12.04.2020 15:25