View of the High Castle in Lviv

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In fact, there are no castles on this hill, which we call Castle Hill, but it used to be there. Today, the remains of the castle walls that once surrounded the castle are still preserved. For the first time, the castle was built at the time of the Galicia-Volyn principality in the 13th century (then it was still wooden), which was burned down by the troops of the Polish King Casimir III in 1340, rebuilt and burned again by the Lithuanians in 1353. A new stone castle was erected on Castle Hill at the end of the 14th century, apparently after the final seizure of Galician lands by Poland in 1387. The High Castle was rebuilt and repaired several times. During the Ukrainian Revolution, led by Hetman Khmelnytsky, the High Castle in 1648 was captured by the Cossack detachments of Colonel Maxim Krivonos. In 1672, the fortifications of Lviv were captured during an attack by Turkish-Tatar troops. In 1704, when the Swedes were conquered by Lviv, the castle was already significantly destroyed. In 1772, the Austrian authorities initiated the dismantling of the defensive walls around the city center. Nowadays, the High Castle is known for its observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the city and a television tower. A telecenter and broadcast tower in the High Castle district of Lviv were built in 1957. The broadcast center of the television center has a height of 192 meters, and generally its top rises above sea level by 580 meters. The tower looks especially good at night when it is illuminated by powerful illuminations. I don't have any night photos of the TV tower yet, but I offer you today's daytime photos. Enjoy!

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