Our Ticket. 10 Dec 2019 - 03 Jan 2020

Ticket result .

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Can we turn 1 Steem into 1000 Steem. Yes we can.
The answer to everything is. Yes we can. I know most believe that the answer to everything is 42. If you add the numerical value up from Yes we can, you will get 42, If you are not, then add them up a different way.

We are one long shot away from doing just that turning 1 Steem into 1000 Steem or more.

Each week we are purchasing a ticket for the Euro Millions draw. The ticket will run for two draws. The first draw to take place on Tuesday and the second on Friday. The ticket for this week is already running with random selected numbers. (Quick Pick)

This Ticket is valid for 8 weeks. The reason for this ticket having more draws is to ensure we have a line in each draw until after the new year. I expect my limited funds to be used early this month, by can I have a 5'er.

1 line for 8 draws on this ticket.

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Our Ticket
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Have you got your Ticket Subscription yet.

**Subscription to this is as low as 0.10 Steem. Everyone is welcome to subscribe.
A maximum of 10 Subscription is permitted per week per account.** Let's keep it fun.

You can view a guide to the Ticket Here

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Buddy Up.
The Alliance.
The Hive**.

Images for results taken from lotto results.

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Maybe a good choice going with the same set of numbers for a longer period of time. Lets hope it works.

07.12.2019 19:29