I remember (long time ago) a friend of mine told me "New York is KING". I had to ...

... admit because he was right and then I replied "Yes, my friend. You are absolutely right about that. New York is King BUT BERLIN is KING KONG"! I am thankful due to my job that I had seen so many different countries and cities. New York is indeed a special place and even though Berlin is much smaller than NYC is but this German Capitol has soooo much power + energy + opportunities to give. Sooo, what’s the message of this post? In order to achieve your goals you have to understand it‘s not ONLY the WHAT you have to do but also the WHERE and WHEN. Let’s say you want to start up a new Business Idea and you would like to do it in New York. Do you really think it’s easier than in another city to accomplish? Also, what is the best Time to do it? You have to KNOW EXACTLY that before you starting doing actions. Back then the proverb was: The Bigs will eat the Smalls. That is not working anymore! Nowadays it’s: The fast ones will eat the slow ones. Think about it! 💡


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you are very right that's how life goes 😊

19.01.2020 17:54

its all about experiencing different cultures and places the destiny will take us to our destination one day but the journey is worth for sure 😀

20.01.2020 08:00

when we believe in our work nothing can stop us :)

20.01.2020 11:47