That‘s how a typical Daddy-Daughter Relationship looks like.... 🤪 Sometimes people ...

... are asking me "do you ever sleep?" Well, have you ever heard or used the "Parkinson's Law"? The Parkinson's Law states that work expands to fill the time available for its completion, or that work contracts to fit in the time we give it. If you have a month to complete a task, the task will take a month to complete. If you have a day to complete the same task, the task will take a day to complete. Use Parkinson's Law to get more done by allowing less time to tasks.
I bet you have unknowingly used the Parkinson's Law before. Have you ever been given a few months to write a paper for a class in school, only to spend the night before it is due completing the entire paper? This is Parkinson's Law at its finest. The work of the paper contracted to fit within the one day of your time you gave it. If your teacher had given you one week, instead of a few months, to complete the paper, much of the class would have complained. But the paper would have gotten done regardless due to Parkinson's Law.
Parkinson's Law teaches us one key lesson: don't give yourself too much time for any amount of work. If you allot yourself too much time for a task, you are wasting time. If you allot yourself too little time for a task... well, there is actually no such thing. Parkinson's Law will assure that you get any amount of work done in the allotted time, no matter how much work you have or how little time you have. Oh, to answer the question on the top: yes, I do can sleep as you can see. 😉


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I have definitely used Parkinson’s law unknowingly 😅 time is our most valuable asset so we should make the most of it! Thanks for sharing!

23.11.2019 16:36

Anytime @agent ✌🏽

23.11.2019 21:02

Thank you

23.11.2019 21:03

Powerful knowledge right there! Time is so valuable... 🙏🏽

23.11.2019 22:17

You got it @soldier 🙌🏽

23.11.2019 22:19

Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽 being busy can distract from being effective and truly maximizing your time. So often we’re either in the last or the future and forget that the only moment that truly matters is in the present moment

23.11.2019 22:43

You are right about that 💯

23.11.2019 22:45

Thank you 😊 🙏🏽

24.11.2019 07:42

Haha! This is such a beautiful picture depicting the relation! Sleepy heads 😍👍🏻

24.11.2019 08:40

Haha thanks man. I got literally knocked out by her. However, I love this little one like crazy ❤️

24.11.2019 08:54