One thing I like to do is taking the underground in every city of the world at night. ...

... Why am I doing this? Well, In every City I am, I want to know the REAL Life people have, what they feel, the problems and sorrows they have etc... just because I want to KNOW and UNDERSTAND the City so I can adjust better in different situations wherever I will be again. I took this little Clip in Manhattan, New York right in the freezing Winter around January 2018 ❄️. It was my last night in NY and I wanted to get out to the streets (and underground too) to soak the city’s people life 👀. Whenever I feel bad or feel like my life has a lot of challenges and I can not move forward anymore, I watch this little video and realize how blessed I am with my life and situations.... What do you feel when you watch this? Please share your thoughts with me! 💡


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Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼 when traveling, we often stay in the tourist zone and only see the fancy, popular sides of the city. Taking the underground shows you the true life of the people! Can’t imagine what these people must be going through, and the freezing winter in NYC ❄️

22.11.2019 19:24

I appreciate your comment 🙌🏽 I agree with you what you are saying and I still remember that freezing winter and it was around 3:30 am in the train. Sleeping people where sleeping during that time and I asked to myself what went wrong in the worlds system that these people have to live like this.... 😕

22.11.2019 19:29

The sad reality for so many people in the world! It’s unfair and unnecessary.. we have enough resources on the planet for every person to have a home and access to basic supplies. It shows how broken the system is on a global scale! And I believe the first step towards change is awareness and for those who have it better than others to experience first hand what others are going through. Especially on social media we post the „positive“ and „beautiful“ sides to life, but it’s so much more important to highlight the other side of life. So thank you for this reality check!🙏🏽

22.11.2019 20:19

You’re so right and I agree with you!!

22.11.2019 20:59


23.11.2019 21:04