The Diary Game /May 1, 2021/ (Spending Time with a Friend)

Happy Saturday fellow steemians! How's your weekend? Hope it's good and have a peace of mind especially it's a holiday, (Labor day). I guess most of the workers have no work today and they enjoyed this day. Like me, I spent my Saturday with my friend.

In the morning, I woke up early so that I can performed my household chores every Saturday, (washing clothes and cleaning). After that, my friend texted me to go with her in the mall, and since I already done with my work, so I decided to go with her. As we arrived there, we bought something. We go on shopping, looking for some important things with less price. Until we felt hungry, so we decided to take our lunch in one of the fastfood chain in the mall.

And we chose foods that were affordable, just so satisfy our hunger and craving.

After eating, we relaxed there for a few minutes, and then we went to the grocery to buy some goods.

After that we decided to go home.
Although, we didn't spent the whole day but, we enjoyed the day. We spent our day with less stress, less worries with our work and above all a felling of happiness when I am with my friend.
Indeed, having a friend can make you smile and forget all the sadness that we fell sometimes.
And that's all about my Saturday. Thank you for your time and support. Let's enjoy our life. Again, thanks for dropping by.


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