Data Analytics

Data is the new Gold in the eyes of any entrepreneurs and business owners out there. This is where you get information to support your next strategic plan to improve your business productivity.

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As I continue to learn this myself, I would like to share few things to remember in Data Analytics a 7 steps workflow.

  1. Business Problem. You need to it first so you can plan your attack of action.
  2. Data Acquisition. You need to have some data to create your baseline of execution. This is where you set your start your baseline and measure results (gaining or losing).
  3. Data Wrangling. You need your Data Scientist to help sanitize your data to bring the value out of it.
  4. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). I first learn this keyword while learning Data Science at Simplilearn. I first see it as part of work flow of Data Wrangling.
  5. Data Exploration.
  6. Conclusion or prediction. This is where we produce the reports.
  7. Communication. Sharing the report to the management.

Interested to learn more, continue reading articles in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science at website.

Enjoy reading.


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