How to be energetic when you wake up in the morning?

orning fatigue is quite common for many people. Check out the following ways to energize your body and help you feel more alert in the morning.

We're all used to a busy day getting up early, getting everything ready and going to the office, and when suddenly having to work from home for some reason, things turn upside down completely. Ỷ that it doesn't take time to change clothes, put on makeup, and go to work, people often wake up late and sit at their desks in a sluggish mood. Here are ways to start an energetic home work morning to try.


Ways to get energetic when you wake up in the morning

Drink water
Right after getting out of bed, the first thing to do is drink a glass of water. This will help provide the body with the hydration it needs to start the day off. It also helps to reduce fatigue or avoid drowsiness caused by mild dehydration after a long sleep.

Drinking water after waking up is a way to stimulate the systems and organs in the body, helping the body to be more alert. You can drink a glass of warm water, or mix water with lemon, cardamom to stimulate the body further.

Do a few stretches
No complicated movements required. Just doing simple stretches to warm the muscles and promote circulation in the body. When you first wake up, you can instinctively stretch, such as stretching your arms above your head with your legs straight on the bed. Relax and repeat a few times before getting up from bed.


Just about 5 minutes to stretch your body or do some simple yoga poses can help wake your body.

Quick exercise
Exercise can stimulate your body, make blood flow better and help you feel more alert. Exercise doesn't need to be too stressful. Simple activities, such as brisk walking, dancing to music, or jumping rope, cause your heart rate and breathing rate to rise, helping to wake up the body faster.

Breathing exercises
Breathing exercises can stimulate the body, as it increases oxygen in the circulation, making us feel more alert. Deep, deep breathing or meditation breathing techniques can help you feel more alert.

Avoid pressing the snooze button again
Many people set their alarms in the morning but wake up suddenly feeling like they want to sleep for a few more minutes, but this can make them feel more tired when they wake up again.

Because when you try to get back to sleep, you won't get the benefits of this sleep, and may fall into sleep inertia instead. This is feeling drowsy and tired after waking up. Therefore, it is better to get out of bed immediately and start the day with the alarm clock off.

Take a cold bath
A cold shower in the morning can energize the body. Norepinephrine levels in the body increase due to a cold shower. Cold water causes blood vessels of deeper tissue to dilate, increasing heart rate, blood flow and circulation.

Therefore, a cold bath can stimulate your body to wake up and be more alert, leaving you feeling energized. If you don't want a cold shower, you can splash cold water on your face. This still produces a similar stimulating effect.

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