BetterLife | The Diary Game : 8 March 2021 : Power up 100%.

Hello steemians

This is my secondary diary game so I am very exicited so, let's begain to tell our hole day.

Today I Woke up at 8:30 am after that I went to washwason and then i washed my face and After that I brushed and then I went to freshen up, then I turned on the TV and watched news in it, I switched off the TV, then I went to take a shower and then sat for a while after that I went to kitchen and then i went to kitchen and helped my mother for cooking and then I had breakfast.

After that I called my friend and After that my friend came to my housethen I restedand then I had my lunch after lunch and After that I picked up my mobile and called father, Father called me on the phone on the farm because I gave a lunch to my father so I called my brother and then me and my brother both are went to my village with the bike and when I reach the village I went to farm and then I give the lunch to my father and then I sat for about 1 hours


and then me and my brother r10316_114634.jpg)

and up>

and Aftr 1 hour, after getting up, I washed my mouth, and then my mother called me and said to buy a wall watch in the market and then I went to the market . And then I go to watch shop and bought wall watch

IMG_20210314_174948.jpg**buying wall watchfarm</su shop and bought wall watch

buying wall watch

and After that I went to home and then I called my brother and we both went to play in the ground. After plaYing we both return to home and Later I watched TV and then I sat reading after a while. After that I had dinner. After dinner I watch youtube video and learning English and Later I went to sleep.

Good night Steem On.

Thank You.


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