BetterLife | The Diary Game : 3 March 2021 : Power up 100%.

Hello steemians

This is my third diary game so I am very exicited so, let's begain to tell our hole day.

In the last night I wish my friend because today is my friend birthday and today I Woke up at 5:00 am this morning then went for a walk with my friends I went jogging up the highway today


and later came back with my friends and Then I rested for half an hour and then I drank a glass of water After that I brushed then I went to freshen up, after that I went to take a shower and then sat for a while and after that I put my phone and I wish my friend again because today is my friend birthday after that I was going to outside the house and brought vegetables

buying vegetables
And after some time I had breakfast.
after that, I picked up my mobile. My friend got a call, then I will talk with him. After that i was turn on television and watching man vs wild show on discovery channel I watched about 1 hour of TV after that I turn off my television ,and then I had my lunch ,


doing lunch
today weather was warm so, I run the fan and After I slept for 1 hour, after getting up, I washed my mouth, after that I pick up my phone and watching instagram vedios for 1 hour and after that I call my friend and than I went to the ground on the bike and than I played cricket I play only one match After playing i went to the house. Later I watched TV and then I sat reading after a while. After that I had dinner. After dinner I take some rest and than I was sitting for study and Later I went to sleep.

Good night Steem On.

Thank You.


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