BetterLife | The Diary Game : 14 March 2021 : Power up 100%

Hello friends,

Myself yashpratap

I am very excited today that I am writing my diary game today so,let's begain .

I Woke up today at8 o'clock in the morning and , later went to brush ,After that I drank a glass of water After that I went to fresh up,after that I went to the market and buying grapes

buying fruits

and On the way, a friend of mine was found, then I talked a little with him and then I went home and After that I bathed and then I had eating some grapes


And after eating grapes I pick my phone and After that I played YouTube on my mobile and watched some vedios and after that I was feeling sleepy then I was sleep for one hour and later I woke up after one hour and and than I wash my mouth and sit for a while and After that i had lunch after half an hour I drank a one glass of milk and After that, I played hill climbing.and after that I called my friend, then I went to the ground with him and played volleyball there. After that I went to home and after some time I went to the market with my brother and then we both went to icecream barrow and than we both buying a cone


buying icecream cone
After that I went to home and then I switch on television and watching news for half an hour.
after that I had dinner, and then I sat down on the table to study, After that I relaxed and then I picked up my mobile and plying facebook and watching some facebook reels andThen went to sleep .

Good night Steem On

Thank You


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