Optic fibers - Photography

ntopaz-image-0# Optic fibers - Photography

Optic fibers definitely have attention to all the photography lovers.
As a beginner I was so curious about the lights travelling in optic fibers.
These photos were captured by my smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9.
Hope you all will love it ☺️





Wish you all a Happy Day

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It is one of the Lightpainters favourite tools to paint with. „Fiber Optics“ Do you know lightpainting?

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08.01.2020 11:56

I'm learning slowly ☺️ it's my favorite and fun too

08.01.2020 18:41

Hello @Yashoda

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08.01.2020 12:31

Ooooh.. nice!

08.01.2020 17:40

Thank you☺️

08.01.2020 18:40