Sathya Sai Baba Ji Painting By My Dad

Hello dear Steemians! Today, I am going to share a painting done by my dad. It is a painting of Sathya Sai Baba ji who is a spiritual guru. My dad is his devotee and follows his teachings.

This is the drawing of the artwork. My dad did this before getting hospitalized for dengue fever. He used a red ballpoint pen and a black gel ink pen. He also used a liquid paper to make some adjustments to the drawing.

He tried to add a lot of details on his forehead area and hair.

This is the completed drawing. My dad did this after coming back home when he got discharged from the hospital. He allocated more time to draw the hair of the guru.

He started to pick the colours to paint his drawing. The medium that he chose to use is oil pastels. The coloured picture is an original picture of Sathya Sai Baba ji that my dad used as a reference picture.

The first layer of painting has been done.

Then he added more colours. For the lips, he added some white soft pastel as a top layer to make it lighter without caking the colours up.

The painting is done. I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Thank you for checking my post out and I hope that you have a great day ahead =)

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16.07.2019 22:23

Your dad did the portrait very well! The step by step is explained well and I think he captured the likeness and personality of his guru very nicely :)

I hope your dad has recovered fully now?

17.07.2019 01:01

Thank you @veryspider! Yes, I think he did it well too :)

My dad is getting better but the doctor said his blood platelet count is still below normal. We have tried giving him a lot of water and fruit juices as advised. He will have another blood test tomorrow and hopefully it is back up.

17.07.2019 02:50