Actor Vijay Devarakonda Drawing


Hi everyone! This is my entry for the 'Art With A Human Focus' contest by @ntopaz. This is a drawing of actor Vijay Devarakonda who is a famous actor of the Telugu film industry in India. I chose to draw him because he is one of my favourite actors as he is versatile and I believe that he is a trend-setter in the film industry. He has played different kind of roles in movies and it shows how talented he is.


I have attached the reference picture here which is a shot from the movie NOTA. Source..


I have eited the picture into black and white and added some grids as guidance. I would suggest the same method to anyone who would like to draw a black and white image of a person. It helps to get the values correctly. It will also be tremendously helpful to draw grids. I just used a mobile art application for this. With the help of grids, you will be able to draw the proportions more accurately.

Tools and Materials:

  • A sheet of paper
  • A brush for blending
  • A normal 2B pencil
  • A mechanical pencil with a 2B lead
  • A dust free eraser



First ofll, I drew some square grids on my sketchbook. I chose square because the grids I edited into my reference picture were also square. There are other shapes available but I recommend using squares because it is easier to know the right proportions when we draw later. I began my drawing with the eyes and nose. I used my normal pencil mostly and mechanical pencil for finer details. At some points, I used my brush to soften and even out the harsh looking pencil shading.


Then, I proceeded to draw his lips and chin. I also shaded his beard.


rkened some areas to increase the contrast. I made some changes on his eyes as I was not happy with it earlier. I drew and shaded the rest of his jaw and face. I also added a soft lining of his hairline.

Then, I drew his ear.


fer that, I drew a part of his hair. I shaded the whole area lightly with my normal pencil first and brushed over it to reduce harsh lines. Then, I used my mechanical pencil to create some fine looking hair-like strokes.

Next, I drew the rest of his hair the same way I did earlier.


hen, I drew his neck and shirt collar. My drawing of Vijay Devarakonda was done. I hope that you enjoyed reading my post. Thank you for dropping by and have a great weekendahead =)

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Beautiful piece and nice selection of model who is one of your favorite.

I love the processes you described here as well.
Thank you for sharing.

14.09.2019 10:36

Thank you for the feedback! =)

14.09.2019 16:40

Oo he is cute and you drew him really well. And I like your method of using gridlines. That is so smart! I remembered how hard it was to gauge where to draw what during art class in school.

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14.09.2019 12:20

He is :) thank you! I have just started experimenting with gridlines for a few times now. Gridlines did make the process less complicated and I didn't have to erase a lot like I usually do lol. I can relate to the school memories too. I used to avoid drawing portraits due to that reason.

14.09.2019 16:45

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14.09.2019 23:27

Beautiful your art, I was fascinated with the agility you have. I appreciate very much that you place several photographs to better appreciate the step by step.

14.09.2019 23:39

Thank you so much! Your comment is so encouraging. I always try to include proper steps with pictures so that readers can understand it better.

15.09.2019 15:34

You did a good job with the grid overlay! I think the last time I tried that it didn't go so well, but then again I was also in primary school from memory XD The drawing came out good :)

15.09.2019 04:11

Thank you @ryivhnn! That seems like a long time ago so I hope that you try it again, if you like. The grids were very helpful, otherwise I would have damaged at least a part of his face :D

15.09.2019 15:38

It was a long time ago ^_^; lol

16.09.2019 01:44

I like your participation, especially step by step, I wish you success in the contest

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15.09.2019 11:57

Thank you so much for the well wishes! ❤

15.09.2019 15:40


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Thank you so much @helpiecake and @livvu!

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