Colourful Diwali Rangoli Kolam in Hotel Lobby


Hello everyone! I am still traveling and will be going to another place tomorrow. However, I just thought of sharing a few pictures of a beautiful rangoli kolam artwork and some decor items that I noticed at the hotel lobby I was staying in.


It was a little house with many small containers of the colourful rice grains on the steps of the entrance.


This is the other part of the house where the some fairy lights were set up.


The little house also had other decorations like the hanging pillow like decor that we can usually see in Indian festivals or events.


This is the full picture of the artwork. It is a peacock with some flowers around it.


By the way, this is the sea view of the hotel. It was breathtaking! Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day ahead =)

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Very colorful and nicely decorated indeed :)
Beautiful view of the sea on the last photo!

Enjoy your trip!

05.11.2019 17:16

Thank you for dropping by! Yes, I will =)

06.11.2019 14:11

You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing :)

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06.11.2019 18:13

Happy traveling. I would love to join you in the nearest future.

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07.11.2019 15:10