Eye Digital Painting


Hello everyone! It was a struggle to upload this artwork (it kept failing) but I finally managed to do it. This is a digital artwork that I did using a painting mobile application called PaperDraw. This is the first time I am using this app so I just wanted to test it out with this eye drawing. I did not use any reference pictures so I tried to paint it with the memory that I had of drawing a realistic eye using pencil long ago.


First of all, I used the pencil tool to draw the basic shape of the eye. Then I started filling in some brown to the iris and a dark brown for the pupil.


Then, I thought of adding some skin so I just went over the sketch (except for the eyeball) and painted a skin colour. I also added some light red to the inner corner of the eye.


I drew some eyelashes using the pencil tool.


I added some shading of grey and light red on the edges of the eyeball.


I used the brush tool to paint the base of the eyebrow in grey.


Then, I drew hundreds of small strokes to create hair for the eyebrows using the smallest size of the brush tool.


I added a skin colour that was two shades darker than the previous colour above the eyeball to create an eyelid. After that, I used the small brush tool to draw the eyelashes over the pencil drawing I made earlier.


I drew some lower lashes as well.


The eye painting is done. Overall, I like this app because it comes with the basic tools needed for digital painting. However, the downside is that I can't paint in layers as that feature is only available in in-app purchasing. Thank you for dropping by and have a great day ahead! ☺☺☺

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