Mexican Petunia Flowers


Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some pictures of these beautiful purple flowers that I found during my trip yesterday. They are called Mexican Petunia. The flowers looked very fresh and there was even a bee drinking nectar from the flowers. I am usually afraid of bees but I stayed brave as I have read that bees don't attack us unless we are a threat to their hive.


I got a few close ups from different angles.


The flowering plant had long leaves.


I thought that they looked lovely and proceeded to take more pictures of them.


I also got some pictures from far angles so you can see the little garden housing the purple flowers.

Thank you for checking my post out. I hope that you like the flowers and I wish that you have a great day ahead =)

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Hermosa fotografía! Saludos!

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Thank you! :)

18.08.2019 15:54

Thank you for the generous upvote @blocktrades :)

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