Homemade Achu Murukku for Diwali

Hello everyone! Today I just wanted to share some pictures of the achu murukkus we made at home. Achu murukku is a snack eaten during Diwali. It means murukku with mould (achu).

First of all, we prepared the batter by mixing some rice flour, wheat flour, coconut milk, sugar and an egg. It should be whisked well to make sure that it is in a consistent texture. Some water can be added if the batter is too thick.

A wok of some oil need to be prepared. It is best to heat it before starting to fry the murukkus. Once the oil is heated, the mould is dipped into the batter and then dipped into the hot oil.

We move the mould up and down to avoid the batter from sticking on the mould while it hardens.

Then, once the muruku formed is fried well where the colour gets a brownish tint, we can use a long stick or tool to get it out of the wok.

It is best to prepare another bowl to drain off some of the excess oil.

A closer look of the murukkus.

This is an extra step if you would like to drain more oil from the murukkus. We just placed them on a kitchen towel to absorb more oil. Then we stored them in an airtight container. Biscuit containers are great for this.

My advanced Happy Diwali to the people who celebrate it 🎇

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here we could find it too yashny, similar i guess, we say it kembang goyang :)

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