WWE News: Shane McMahon will choose Roman Ranke Partner for Big Match for Raw

In WWE Raw and SmackDown Live last week, Shane McMahan and Drew McIntyre have said before everyone that they are not afraid of Undertaker. However, the manner in which The Datmenden signed and promos in front of both. It is certain that the Undertaker's fear is both inside. It is with Shane McMahan and Drew McIntyre in WWE's next PPV Extreme Rules, The Undertaker. They will be seen supporting the Roman Ranke.


This match will be a 'no hold barred' match in the Extreme Rules, PPV. However Shane McMahon has made the situation a bit interesting. This Roman Rena will face Shane McMahan and Drew McIntyre in Raw before the Extreme Rules match before raising interest here. This Shane McMahon has promised to be the owner of the Roman Ranke Partner. The condition of this match is that the Roman Ranke will have to match this match with the wrestler chosen by Shane McMahon. However, who is the wrestler. it has not been revealed yet.


The funny thing is that Undertaker cannot interfere in this match. If he interferes in it, then he can be kept out of the match on Sunday. Its extreme rules are no longer far away and all the wrestlers will want to make their move while looking at that big match here. In the previous match, Shane McMahan and Drew McIntyre were hitting the Roman Ranke wrongly, watching the Undertaker come to the ring and joining the fight. Now they have to see who the partner of Roman Rena in Raw is.


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