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Speaking of butterflies, of course, it will not end because there are so many uniqueness and advantages of this one creature, its uniqueness comes from the beginning of the process until the final peak becomes an adult butterfly. This process is very well known by scientists so that it is termed methamorposis metualism.

Methamorposis metualism itself is found in several animal species, but very well known is the butterfly. The process of formation is very perfect that begins with,

  • Egg

  • Carterpiler

  • Cocoon

  • Adult butterfly

The process of this incident is said to be a physical phenomenon of the butterfly's body itself which begins with eggs, larvae, cocoons, and adult butterflies. This proses is a real thing at every stage so that the butterfly itself changes as we talked about earlier.

Then the butterflies themselves are classified into the Lepidoptera group which is characterized by three physical features such as,

  • Winged

  • Lepis

  • Scale

  • Preton

Talking about the scales is one part of his body or can be said as fine feathers lining his wings, these feathers cannot be seen by the human eye normally but must be seen with certain tools such as magnifying devices or scientists using tools like a microscope.

While the fine hairs are modified and flattened so that butterflies have a variety of patterns, shapes and colors, as well as moth species that have body features with a variety of shades, colors and patterns.

When we see a butterfly or moth, the question arises in our hearts why they have different colors and patterns, if they are from the same order, then this problem can be answered by scientists, he said,

all species of the Lepidoptera order have several forms of membranous wings.

Because of that influence, each butterfly species has a variety of differences in terms of shape, color, pattern, and others.

Butterfly is indeed one of the insects that is very unique and beautiful so that everyone likes it, no matter what type of animal it comes from, but it is one type of gentle and beautiful animal.

Thus every country in the world is very appreciative of this species. Moreover, the species population is very small, so that the government of a country makes them as protected animals.

Indonesia itself is one of the natural areas that have abundant species of butterflies, sometimes we ourselves do not know it, so below will be mentioned several species protected by the government, following the picture,

1. Papilio chikae

2. Ornithoptera tithonus

3. Danaus plexippus

4. Ornithoptera Croesus

5. Black monarch

6. Teinopalpus imperialis

7. Red Lacewing

The seven species of butterflies are protected by the government so that we as citizens also participate in guarding them. Although in this post there are 7 species but basically there are still many species of butterflies that are protected but not uploaded or mentioned here due to image limitations.

Thus some brief exposures that can be explained in this post, hopefully what has been conveyed is useful for us all. Thank you very much.

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