The diarygame | 9-march-2021 | A very busy day .

Hello steemians !

I hope you are doing okay . This is my diarygame no 79 in this community . So let's begin with i

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So as it was Tuesday . As usual I woke up at 630 am in the morning . I got fresh and afterthat I went to the gym at 720 am . Where @dabeerahmed was also present . He was doing his cardio . So I also begin my warm-up and cardio session .


I started my cardio session with treadmill . I walked for 3 minutes and then after I started to run at 10km/h . I took almost 10 minutes of treadmill then I used by cycle for next 10 minutes . After that I did some stretching and then I started my exercise session .



I came back home at 930 am . After coming home I went to took a shower. In the mean time mom made banana milkshake for me in the breakfast . After that I used my mobile for a while and took some .


After that at 2 pm my dad asked to go up stairs and give the goats their feeds so I went and gave them .



After that I went outside to get some groceries that my mom asked me to bring . It took me aot of time as the shop was crowded . Well after coming home at lunch time I at two oranges . As these contain a lot of vitamins and other nutritions which will me for my gym .


After that I took a power nap power nap and woke up at 6 pm . I watched some videos on youtube to pass the time . At 8am I ate dinner with my family . Mom was going to made biryani but I told her to make without chicken in urdu we call it aloo chola biryani. Well after eating at 11 am I went to sleep .


------------- The end ------------

That's all folks for today
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I think after 1 or 2 years your body is like to back post of your picture

12.03.2021 17:07

Ma sha Allah good to see you petty boi

12.03.2021 17:54

You spend well day and biryani looks delicious 🥺❤️.

12.03.2021 20:08