Why everyone should own YKN?

If you read previuos note you remember that I wrote "I will make it profitable for everyone".

Here it is how:

89% of raised funds is converted to fiat money - this will be used as a margin on futures contracts. Don't worry - I'm expirienced trader. Already running an account with ZERO risk strategy (not mine account, client is quite happy). It works then, now, and - it will work for everyone owning YKN. So - 89% will go for proifitable investment.

10% I will keep for providing liquidity. Probably will never use, but in case of problems - will be good to have some cushion.

Where is remaining 1%?
It is "lost" for personaltokens.io. They have it in the pool - shared in the pool of tokens (personal tokens). No idea what they will do.

Every 2 months assets value will be divided in number of YKN sold - showing present NAV (Net Asset Value).

Then, I will BUY 1% of tokens at price NAV-20%. I.e. on the beginning, you will be garanteed that you will not loose more than 20 % of your investment.

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