From Hype: Killerapp Blockchain Banking

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No question: Bitcoin has come to stay. Alone, so far you have apps that integrate the "digital gold" in everyday life, still looking with the magnifying glass - but they exist. A particularly promising field of application is the combination of Bitcoin Wallet and bank account: A potential killer app for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology comes from Germany.

Bitcoin before the mass adaptation

According to Gartner's analysis, bitcoin and blockchain applications will reach the "productivity plateau" within a few years. The technologies will have arrived in the everyday life of the public. Meanwhile, the question arises of what a crypto-app has to do today to accelerate this development.

The search for the killer app

After all, it is often a single application that helps a technology breakthrough. A historical example of such a killer app was provided by the Internet. Only the introduction of the World Wide Web and the associated browser made it possible for a broad public to access the hitherto largely unacknowledged Internet technology. To put it in terms of the hype cycle, the Internet has only reached the "plateau of productivity" after its benefits have been made practically tangible by the WWW.

Opinions about which application will bring Bitcoin back into the deserved spotlight are divergent. Whether you think of Bitcoin as digital cash, Gold 2.0, or pure speculation object, it needs applications that deliver outstanding usability to pave the way for technology to the productivity plateau.


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