Binance-Leak: blackmailer speaks up - Bitcoin Exchange praises bounty

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The Binance-Leaker has announced further releases. On various telegram channels, he publishes self-recorded images of Binance customers, including ID documents that were produced as part of the registration process. To stop the release of these Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, the Bitcoin Exchange intends to pay 300 BTC. Binance responds by claiming a bounty of 25 BTC - and seeks the data leak from a former contractor.

In the ongoing KYC scandal involving the Maltese Bitcoin exchange Binance, the alleged perpetrator has spoken up. On Twitter, the person acting under the pseudonym "Bnatov Platon" denies that the recently leaked customer data came from a third party. So far, Plato has spread more than 1,000 photos, primarily via the Messenger Telegram. Platon claims to own more than 10,000 photos of Binance's customers and their ID. To stop the publication of further photos, he demands from the Bitcoin exchange the payment of 300 BTC - at the current Bitcoin price this amounts to a sum of around three million euros.

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