Forget the past


Letting yourself fall into the past is not the way out. Get up ,,, without you trying to forget the past, but make it a valuable lesson.

Look out, the tree from behind your bedroom window. How freely the wind moves the branches, the branches are like dancing skillfully even though the force of the wind is so strong accompanied by raindrops that fall from the sky. The branches curl enjoying the symphony of nature. Song of rain that fell from the black sky.

Look again, the intensity of the wind that breaks the flower's fidelity to the tree. So cruel was the wind that it had separated the flowers and scattered them everywhere until they turned into trash.

Like a tree, I can be shaken, and I may be more shaky because the winds shake me so hard. Then, on whom should I sustain this feeling so as not to drift like the branches? I asked you who was looking at the rain drops in adoration.

Listen, I feel the needles of rain keep pouring down on me, the wind keeps on bothering me. It's not that I blame what the Power has created. Not. But I want to blame you in quotes on your past. You must understand what I mean, think of it as rain needles are the words you say to me every time I ask you to confirm my feelings. But you still said no to me.

I am tired, you make me drift in an obscurity and make me vulnerable. And for this fragility I will of course blame the wind. And that wind is your past.

Let your past pass even though it will leave traces later. But the traces will disappear after you step on and as time passes. And everything will come back beautiful again, with your masses to come.

Letting yourself fall into the past is not a way to get up without you trying to forget it or make it a lesson. Look for a new taste and let it be a part of your life journey.

And do not let the sense that has been planted without this plan pass without certainty. And, what is able to melt your race in order to unite with mine.

Essay: @yanis01

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